Following on from the expose of the rancid racism that exists within the borough of Weymouth and Portland

It appears that, sadly, some people still cannot help themselves and continue to lie and incite fear and hatred.

I will seek to challenge it whenever I am made aware, for those of us who are genuinely decent. For those who are not, unless you confront it, you are sadly lost in the bowels of hell forever.

And I will not fear exposing those who are spreading hate and fear. If you have a problem with it, don’t do it.

Incident on Portland – April 2024

I have a number of contacts on Portland who are extremely decent, empathetic people who will only stand up for the truth and despise lies. They will provide me with the information and sources. I will protect their identity for obvious reasons.

‘Last week, there was an incident in Easton that resulted in the police being called. Two men were acting weird and scaring kids; thankfully, someone got photos for the authorities. These men weren’t from the Bibby Stockholm barge and had nothing to do with the barge. I’ve seen written confirmation of this. Trust me, if they were residents of the barge, I wouldn’t cover their backs for them. The safety of our children is paramount.

The day before yesterday, a mother and her adult daughter posted on some Portland community groups that one of the asylum seekers had tried to grab her. These mother and daughter duo have made numerous accusations against the asylum seekers. Always posted on Facebook groups, the police are never called. She claims he said the word ‘kufr’ to her, which she somehow knew the meaning and spelling of. If you aren’t aware of what that word is, it’s an Arabic word that means ‘disbelief in Allah’. To be clear, she didn’t call the police, and has never called the police in any of the other previous incidents.

The police were then called when some asylum seekers were scared for their lives because a bunch of locals turned up and tried to barge their way into a building they were using. The group of asylum seekers accused aren’t Muslims, so I’m really not sure why they would be using the word ‘kufr’. Also, the rumour mill has done it’s thing, and now apparently a child was grabbed, not an adult. I live right by where this incident allegedly happened, I would not be downplaying it if I thought for one second it was true.

The situation last week was being exploited by some of the worst racists on the island; they are playing on the legitimate fears of local parents. My concern is, if these accusations continue, we might find ourselves in a ‘boy who cried wolf’ situation or someone is going to get seriously hurt.’

If one reads the tabloids… (the gutter press) or watches outlets like GB News, which seek to create disharmony, then one is much more likely to ape them. Keep away from the lies and hate speech, and decontaminate.

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