Climate Emergency Event Wimborne Sept 12th

Queen Elizabeth School, Wimborne, 12 September 5.30-9pm

There’s now no doubt the climate has changed, we are entering a period of extreme weather and uncertainty. After the hottest June ever recorded wild-fires are raging across the globe from the Amazon to the Arctic where sea-ice is also disappearing at an alarming rate. And evidence suggests that this change is only just the beginning.

As species struggle to adapt the resultant bio-diversity loss leads to extinction. The United Nations is warning of food shortages (100 harvests) and societal collapse so how come this is not being pushed up the political agenda? Whilst our government seems paralysed by Brexit concerned citizens, including school children are self-organising to highlight concerns and find possible solutions.

Movements such as Fridays for the Future and Extinction Rebellion are asking for wholesale system change NOW to prepare us for what lies ahead. It seems that the current political and economic models have failed the Earth and it’s inhabitants by polluting our land, oceans and air for profit. In short we have to act-now or face leaving a toxic inhospitable planet for future generations.

Special Guests Extinction Rebellion speaker from 7pm to tell us all we need to know about the International Rebellion on 7 October and the part we can play
People’s Assembly Have your say!
Inspiration Session – building on the moving testaments of rebels at the general meeting at Gaunt’s House back in June. An opportunity to share your hopes and fears for the future.
XRW General Meeting – reports from working groups
Eco Stalls & Campaigns
Little Fox Vegan Bakers

DJ Dapper Dan

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