Cllr Simon Bull’s Column

There’s been a lot going on locally with Green Party and I’ve been busy getting involved with events as well as continuing my training as your new councillor. The 10th anniversary of Winton Carnival meant that we were given the opportunity to personally thank those who voted for us. A day filled with good music, sunshine and smiles, I felt personally encouraged by the many people who took the time to come over and tell us ‘I voted Green’. We also asked Winton residents to fill in a quick survey about local issues; pavements, potholes and noise pollution were a few of the things mentioned.

The next event, and my second parade, was BourneFree, Bournemouth’s vibrant LBGT Pride Festival. Interestingly, at this event it wasn’t those who had voted Green who came to speak to us but those who couldn’t: Tomorrow’s voters. The young care, are interested and passionate about their future. The steady stream of young teenagers who stopped to sign up for information brings hope that the young will make a difference.

My busiest week so far included a visit from Natalie Bennett, Leader of The Green Party who is currently touring England and Wales to thank activists for all their hard work in the recent elections and support them in their continuing work. Although the local Echo focused mainly on Natalie’s objection to Navitus Bay, she also spoke passionately about the growth in support, TTIP and the need for a real opposition to the current government.

The very next day, I had lunch with Dr. Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West, who hosted by Green Knowledge Network Dorset, came to talk to local businesses in the South West about what the Green Party are doing both locally and nationally for businesses.

The week ended with a weekend in Stowmarket at the Association of Green Councillors annual conference where I attended workshops and talks given by experienced councillors on a range of issues from TTIP to Passivhaus. Supported in attending the event by the South East Dorset Green Party,  my intention is to share the information gained from the experience with other members interested in becoming future councillors. More importantly, the invaluable advice I received on being a minority councillor will help me better serve the residents of Winton East and Bournemouth constituents who feel unrepresented in the council.

My most recent news is that I’m looking forward to talking to Jason Falconer, the local Bikeability coach, about his suggestion that Bournemouth has a ‘car free day’. With this in mind, I’m hoping to replace my stolen bicycle with a new (secondhand) one. One of the members has suggested the local charity Hope2Cycle and so in my next post you may see a picture of me on my bike!

I’ll also be at the protest against TTIP in Bournemouth Square on 22ndAugust.

Simon Bull

A meeting of Bournemouth Greens will be held at Kino Lounge, Bournemouth at 7pm 19thAugust where we will be discussing local issues alongside plans for our upcoming Annual Autumn Conference which is coming to Bournemouth this September.

South East Dorset Green Party