Consequences of Regional Pay

Plans for regional pay rates for Dorset NHS workers will have far reaching consequences for the county’s economy, it’s being claimed.

The South West TUC’s comments come as the South West Pay, Terms and Conditions Consortium look at how to use taxpayer’s funding more efficiently.

The Dorset County hospital NHS foundation is a member of the Consortium.

Kit Leary, who is leading the fight for a Living Wage in the South West on behalf of the TUC, said: “We are concerned the attempt by these rogue employers to establish what is effectively a regional NHS agreement will lead to the wider introduction of regional pay beyond the health service.

“We believe a nurse or teacher in Dorset is worth as much as a nurse or teacher elsewhere in the UK, and should be treated the same.”

The MPs have been asked whether they support the concept of regional pay and whether they support the NHS cartel.

Kit Leary said: “The TUC opposes any attempt to drive down pay and conditions in the South West – a move that would make us bottom of the UK’s pay league – and we’re sure, even if for their own career’s sake, many MPs in the region will feel the same way.

“MPs will have to make a decision: do they toe the party line and support regional pay or do they accurately reflect the views of constituents? Remember, these constituents are the people who will see their living standards drop as a result of regional pay and the very same people who will vote on whether to keep or reject their MP.”