This has to be one of the most incredibly stupid attempts to con the UK public since the Tories last opened their mouths. At the heart of it is James (inappropriately named) Cleverly. Probably the most gormless Cabinet politician of our era he is regularly thrust in to public view. It is enough to make one wonder how gormless many of the electorate have to be to swallow his shite.

The FactCheckUK scandal is just beyond comprehension. What level of imbecility does one have to stoop to, to try a stunt like this and think they will get away with it? The reason the Conservative Party is also known as the Tory Party is its derivation from gaelic and means ‘pursuer; seeker; hunter. Historically it came to mean a ‘bandit; outlaw; robber’.

It was adopted by the Irish following the Tory destruction of their country in the 18th and 19th centuries.

It is time these vagabonds are now held to account. Not only do they callously kill vulnerable people both now and across the ages they use their friends in the corporate media to shroud the public from the reality of their behaviour. This incident is all their own work and in public view. They should now be thrown off social media and prosecuted for electoral fraud.

If they win the election of 2019 the majority will be against them and the despair will be at levels that will only divide the country further. The Brexit conflict, austerity and privatisation have left this country on its knees. The Tory party is the least likely party to heal the wounds and should never be trusted by anyone again.

When the actor Ralf Little tried it twitter suspended his account. Weird that they have not done the same with the Tories.

But then Mr Uncleverly sees no problem with defrauding the consciousnesses of the public and nor do many other members of the Tory Party. Which in itself tells us all we need to know.

How the public have responded:

Douglas James

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