On 13th January, campaigners from Palestine Solidarity Cornwall (PSC) will gather in Truro to protest against the ongoing genocide the Israeli government is perpetrating against Palestinian people in Gaza.

The demonstration meets on Lemon Quay at 1 p.m. and will feature a variety of speakers, including people from the Palestinian community and representatives from local and national organisations. Groups supporting the protest include Cornwall Resists, the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, Falmouth and Penryn Welcomes Refugees, Campaign Against Arms Trade, Penzance Socialists, and Divest Borders. During recent months, hundreds of people have taken to the streets across Cornwall, with events in Penzance, Falmouth, Newquay, and Truro highlighting the atrocities Israel is committing in Gaza and standing in solidarity with Palestinian people.

Protests have also focused on the UK government and the UK arms industry’s complicity in the war crimes taking place in Gaza. Since 2015, the UK has licensed £472 million worth of arms sales to the Israeli government. However, this figure does not include open licenses where companies can export unlimited amounts of specified goods without further accountability. Components for the F35 combat aircraft that are currently bombarding Gaza are covered under one such open license. 15% of every F35 is made by UK industry, with contracts worth £336 million since 2016, according to estimates by the Campaign Against Arms Trade.

A spokesperson for PSC stated:

“The situation in Gaza is beyond catastrophic. Thousands of people have died, including thousands of children. Hospitals have not only been targeted; they’ve been completely destroyed. Refugee camps have also been targeted. People have nowhere to go. There is no food, and there is no access to aid. These are clear breaches of International Humanitarian Law.

“Under UK arms exports licensing conditions, arms sales should be immediately suspended when there is a clear risk they will be used to commit war crimes. It could not be clearer that this is happening in Gaza, but the UK government is refusing to take action.”But we will not refuse to act. The UK government and the UK arms trade are complicit in genoicde. We owe it to every single Palestinian person to continue protesting and to continue raising our voices. We are proud that Cornwall is part of this global day of action, and we refuse to be silenced while UK companies profit from the death of Palestinian children.”

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