It is fascinating that the right wing corporate media are in the playground with their bovver boots on again. The meek and naive begin to cower and submit whilst the compassionate and emotionally intelligent stand their ground.

‘CORBYN WAS A COMMIE SPY’ they shout and enhance their already poisonous reputation as propagandists for the super rich. They fear Mr Corbyn. They fear us. And so they should. If the Tories win the next election it will be time to pull the toxic weeds up by the roots. If the Tories lose the next election it will be time to pull up the toxic weeds by the roots. However, the methodology will be different.

The Telegraph, Mail, Express, Sun… are ALL liars. They hate us and only want to control us and bleed us dry. They are the cancer that we are told is malignant. They are not. They are benign but only if we change our diet and get rid.

Just one of the countless examples of the bile they serve up daily:

Telegraph apologises over ‘unfounded’ claims married couple plotted Islamist ‘Trojan Horse’ takeover of primary school

The press are dying but their malevolence is being transferred on line:
Latest data:

Press Sales in Numbers

Press numbers 1

Press Numbers 2

Web Views

Web Views

Our fight with hate is changing but we will win. Compassion and emotional intelligence will be the victor.

To play us out one final reminder of the context of the enemy with Mr Lydon summing up the corporate media “Here is another tuneless racket”.

Douglas James

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