Could You Be Dorset’s Next Successful Mumpreneur?

807,000 women are registered as part-time self-employed workers in the UK, and Dorset’s own Tara Howard is one of them. As a mum of four children, who are now in their teens and early twenties, Tara launched the Venus Awards in 2010 to acknowledge local Dorset women in business. She admits that one of the major benefits of self-employment is the fact that you manage your own time – “The best thing is the flexibility. For example, when the children were younger if I had three sports days in a row, I could go to all of them and catch up on work in the evening and weekends”.

Those who conduct all of their work online are able to make the most of that flexibility when combined with family life. It’s incredibly convenient to roll out of bed and open the laptop to get a couple of hours in before making breakfast and packed lunches. If that’s not enough then you can follow up with another stint during your toddler’s naptime or before school pick-up. But what types of work can Dorset mums earn money from?

Setting Up An Affiliate Site

If you’re particularly passionate or knowledgeable about a subject, then there’s money to be made by blogging about it. Whether you want to start a blog about family life in Dorset, a hobby, or perhaps something related to your previous career, simply produce lots of informative content and post it on your own website. To earn money, you can publish affiliate links and adverts from which you’ll gain a steady stream of passive income if you focus on getting enough visitors to your site.

Virtual Assistant

If you’ve picked up a strong portfolio of admin skills, then setting up as a virtual assistant could be a great digital career path for you. Whether you’re scheduling meetings for your client, making travel arrangements or answering their emails, the opportunities for you are endless. Making this role work is all about expanding your client base. You may want to start by contacting other Dorset mumpreneurs to see if they’d like to outsource some of their admin tasks. Once word gets out, you’ll be inundated with work.

Sell Your Creativity

Digital platforms such as or Etsy are perfect for creative types who make beautiful handmade products that others are willing to shell out their cash for. Perhaps you’re able to hand-stitch a name onto a baby blanket, make a stunning pair of beaded earrings, or print a motif onto a beach bag? Whatever your artistic talents are, you can use the internet as your shop window, whilst carrying out the crafting around your kitchen table. If you’re not sure about taking the plunge online, then you could always try out your designs first at the local Table Top and Craft Fair on Ringwood Road.

The digital world is your oyster, and many Dorset-based families are realising the benefits of making their money online and not missing a single second of their kids growing up.