Councillor: Borough’s Low Income Households Are Dominating Council Budget

‘Basically, the reason we don’t have a TIC is because the borough has a relatively high proportion of people on low incomes, compared to other neighbouring boroughs/districts.  

We spend the money we might have spent on stuff like TICs and car parks on homing those families. It’s all in the budget that you’ll find online. The majority of council spending goes on housing and other social care items.’ James Farquharson

This is evidenced by 

Nationally the funding for New Homes Bonus in 2017/18 was reduced from £1,493m to £1,252m, a reduction of £241m. The £241m has been used to fund a new grant, the “Adult Social Care Support Grant”, which is a grant for 2017/18 only to be paid based on the Adult Social Care Relative Need Formula to authorities providing Social Care. For 2017/18, the rate of payment for the scheme is:

  •   £1,530 per Band D Dwelling equivalent
  •   £350 per affordable home 

And from a potential community lead housing development grant of approximately £430000.

For much more info:
Full council Budget Update 

Douglas James 

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