I don’t see how the evidence could be more overwhelming we live in an increasingly politically criminal country.

Millions of the public informed by lying right wing tabloid media. If not lying then vicious one-sided polemics having all the same effect.

Grenfell fire 2017, 72 people burnt to death or were poisoned by cyanide gas. Governments have known for thirty years all these panel systems are fire lethal. Arconic directors, the world-wide producers of Grenfell Reynobond panels, should have been in custody within a month of Grenfell fire – charged with corporate manslaughter. But no we get the classic Brit 20 year “inquiry” into the staggeringly obvious, and end of the second year guess what from the Martin Moore-Bick inquiry – let’s blame the London fire service.

The London fire service – in this ferocious overwhelming fire the heroic fire service dealing with accumulated UK government regulatory failures over decades – based their stay-put policy on factual data from the panel industry (Arconic) that panels were fire safe “for minimum two hours” for rescue. Blatant criminal lies from the polyurethane and cladding industries – all signed-off and endorsed by UK governments.

And include in here for mass lying Hillsborough 1989 with 96 fatalities – now thirty years ago – again the classic forever inquiry, and in that so much distress for families over so many decades. And go back further we have Aberfan 1966 with a slag-heap destroying a school and the lives of 116 children, and five teachers – no-one was ever prosecuted. And keep in mind Piper Alpha oil platform fire 1988 with 168 deaths in a burning inferno. Occidental – the US owners – closed down their North Sea operations within 12 months, vanishing back into the USA. No-one was ever brought to account for massive criminal regulatory failure.

In every case corporations and authorities never face justice. And likewise the past decade incremental stripping of NHS resources. Lying politicians (in power since 2010) now spinning all the promises on the planet to get back into power and flog post-Brexit NHS infrastructure off to corporations world-wide. With such depletion of resources you are left asking how many hundreds of thousands suffer unnecessarily every year – and die – Dozens of babies died because of UK hospital failings – through massive run-down of NHS resources, notably plentifully available in central London private hospitals : Top ten London private hospitals.

And of course in new world post-truth, Trump led “say and do anything you want”, Brexit 2016 marketed on massive packs of lies : Lets throw UK open to any number of US and global corporations, take over what’s left of public infrastructure in the country. One massive programme to destroy Europe wide protection for UK working people, consumers, financial services, climate, and environment. All now lost from sight Churchill’s vision for Europe – post World War II carnage 40 million dead in Europe – for a united Europe, peace and prosperity for all.

The very worst of it all right wing brigades with their bags of slogans – “get it done” – “get our country back” – turning the minds of millions of decent British people against their own best interests. Classic 100% propaganda – not a grain different to Goebells in 1930s/40s.

The great pity to me that all parties that stand for decency and honestly do not once and for all work together against right wing neo-fascist liars. Labour, rooted in social justice and fairness, having to contend with hugely powerful City of London super-wealth and media Tory vested interests; Lib Dems speak up for staying in the EU but shockingly aligned with Tories in 2010 – ask the students with £60K debts. Greatest credit to SNP and Plaid Cymru – national people parties rooted in social democracy – and of course the Green party, speaking up for decades to face up to carbon driven climate catastrophe.

Whatever the political differences, all social democracy rooted parties (supporting public service) need to work together. But we are not and so it is a lying cheating attention seeking playboy, clearly still working through adolescence, backed by many of the wealthiest in the land (and not in the land), along with mass propaganda tabloids (Sun, Mail, Express, Times, Telegraph), are winning the minds of the British population – and most likely the election.

As in the case of BCP council, the message needs to hammer out into the land for heaven’s sake Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid, Greens – unite into one coalition. Differences could not be of less consequence compared with a Johnson led Brexit Tory Farage Axis – and that is where we are heading, isn’t it.

And make no mistake about it, Johnson and Farage – Kensington 2018 – don’t think for one minute these wealthy right wingers are not 100% working together.

And in all this yes save our NHS – and our whole country …

Well done and thank you DDNHS and all NHS campaigners organising the Great NHS Heist showing …Longfleet St Mary’s Church Centre- (opposite Longfleet Church and Poole General Hospital) Longfleet Rd. Poole BH15 2JD -Friday 6th December 7pm

And one final thought – for the NHS – and for climateand for democracy – why not a hunger strike in Bournemouth? We want mass media coverage that is how we get it. And I think older people in particular (not with parenting responsibilities) need to take this on … it has started in London …. Climate hunger strikes in London.

Check out suffragettes, and civil rights movements, and human rights movements – nothing ever changes unless people are prepared to make huge sacrifices. Otherwise status quo rolls on century after century. The Tories win so often because they are **united** – but then their flag mast, “Self Interest” – personal wealth accumulation – never public interest.

Reference : Grenfell – Dec 2017 Builders in Britain were allowed to wrap residential apartment towers from top to bottom in highly flammable materials, a practice forbidden in the United States and many European countries.” (New York Times June 24th).

Reference : Brexit – Nov 2019 : Lies and Propaganda : Lies, lies, and more lies, pumping through media and social media. Breach after breach of Fraud Act, Communications Act, Malicious Communications Act, Serious Crimes Act, yet in two years neither Metropolitan Police, nor the National Crime Agency, nor the Serious Fraud Office, have taken up one case ….

No different to Goebells 1930s/40s Juden reviling propaganda now 21st century EU reviling propaganda. Cummings EU immigration “threat maps” could hardly be more similar to Goebells 1930s pan-Europe Juden threat maps

Jeff Williams


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