Customer power at Oasis cafe

A storm was brewing on the east side of Weymouth bay. Oasis cafe and Parking Eye  teamed up and many customers were not happy. Some were refusing to return due either to the inconvenience of getting a parking ticket or Mr Cocks’ attitude. (See below).

Meeting someone from out of town there for business or pleasure would have been an embarrassment and the risk too much.

However, thankfully the customers won the day:


Let us know your opinion.

‘FAO: Mr Paul Cocks, Oasis Cafe, Weymouth.

(I have been blocked by him, you will see why,but perhaps anyone who knows him would show him this).

I was merely asking Mr Cocks whether Parking Eye paid him any fees for management of his car park .That was an ignorant comment according to Mr Cocks and he has therefore blocked me from the thread.

Of course the truth is, that whether or not he does receive anything, Parking Eye receive the money from the parking notices that they issue, of course, ignorant me is happy to be corrected.

My point, Mr Cocks, was that I suggest Parking Eye will upset many of your customers, loyal customers. I being one of them.

Park 1

Park 3

Park 2

Enlarged versions:

Oasis and Parking Eye: Facebook correspondence 1

Oasis and Parking Eye: Facebook correspondence 2

Oasis and Parking Eye: Facebook correspondence 3

But hey ho as you said, I am ignorant, what would I know.

Good luck with Parking Eye!’

Dave Hill