Cyclists can get their bikes security marked for free in Weymouth this Saturday. (13/10)

The event, which will run from 1pm-3pm on the Rodwell Trail near the White Bridge overlooking the Marsh, has been funded by the Dorset Community Safety Partnership, which includes Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.

The funding, of around £1,300, means Dorset Police can hold bike marking sessions, where bikes are marked with codes so they can be identified. Under the scheme, tamper-proof stickers with QR codes are fixed to the bike’s frame. The owner’s details are recorded in a database. This means that if a marked bike is stolen and later recovered, the owner can be identified.

Security measures see bike returned

The event follows a successful bike marking day in Weymouth last Saturday (6/10) which saw hundreds of bikes marked. One of the bikes marked last week has already been successfully recovered and will be returned to its owner.