Dealing with intolerable Tory wickedness

I do not believe that wickedness of the kind that has assaulted Britain over the last 9 years has never happened before, but it’s certainly the most extreme since WWII, although Thatcher was a close 2nd and, perhaps, a harbinger of what was to come nationwide. Thatcher took on the miners and heavy industry but she didn’t dare try to destroy the entire working class, even if she wanted to.

Since 2010, the Tory evil has flourished. Homelessness and social cleansing, food banks, the sanctions regime, children deprived of food, people being robbed blind [1], running down and privatising our NHS, millions driven into poverty, cutting legal aid, bullshit jobs for bullshit pay, dismantling social security, depriving disabled people of care and support, selling off state assets and much more.

All of this and an endless stream of lies to cover their crimes.

My life has come apart at the seams, everything I have fought for and lived for has become unravelled because the Tories have wilfully and knowingly created a dystopia which as a fully human and fully alive human being I utterly recoil from, reject and rebel against because my entire mind and body are repulsed by what they are doing to life. In fact, the very existence of the Tory party is an insult to life.

Since 2010 I have sworn, cried and raged more than I have in my entire life. As an awake human being, what The Tories are doing to the UK is intolerable. They are attacking the means of our survival and using it as a weapon against us.

This is not acceptable. It is not right, it is not just and it is a battle in which defeat is not an option. Defeat means death and, as we’ve discovered, it is costing more lives on a daily basis and life expectancy for the poorest and most vulnerable people is now in reverse. [2]

All this is happening as a result of Tory policies and we are living the intended consequences of political decisions.

For example. There are no possible excuses for what the Tories are doing to our NHS, it is a calculated destruction in order to privatise health care in the UK so that a few people and corporations can make obscene profits from people’s vulnerability. That is an affront to our humanity and, as such, it is intolerable.

Inside me a rage arises, as it should, a righteous rage which says, “I will not allow you to sell my most weak and vulnerable self because you know I am at my most defenceless in doing that, and the only end to that road is my death and I will not allow that to happen. I absolutely will not put my life in your hands when I already know that you’ve betrayed me. I will not legitimise your treachery by accepting it. That is not politics, that is betrayal, so fuck you!” That doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t kill me regardless, it means I will not consent or acquiesce.

It is a perfect rage, it is a rage that protects life, which is exactly what it is for. It’s the rage that protects our children when they are bullied. It’s the rage that drives the person who finally stands up for themselves, even if they are shaking in their boots, terrified and as alone as a human being can be in the face of abuse. It is the ‘No!’ that means exactly what it says without any negotiation or explanation. It is the rage for which there is no apology or repentance, because without that rage you die.

And so you draw the line because that’s what drawing the line means. This far and no further!

In January 2015 I had to call 999 because I was in extreme pain. What I didn’t know was that I was dying and without an emergency operation at 3am on a Saturday morning it would have been all over for me. The Tories are destroying that, running our NHS into the ground in order to privatise it and they don’t care whether we live or die, they just want to see the profits in their portfolios. That is what self-serving means, putting themselves and their selfish wants and desires above the lives of others. Above my life.

And to those who hold such positions of power as serving in government there is only one answer to self serving greed, vanity and egotism. “No!”

You know the expression, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Because I don’t care who they think they are, they are not more important than my life or the lives of my loved one, nor the lives of my casual acquaintances, nor the lives of perfect strangers. There is no fucking way that they are more important than our lives, but they think they are. And they are entirely wrong.

When Amber Rudd stood at her special DWP podium and announced that the longest the DWP would starve people for in future was 6 months, what was I supposed to do if not protest [3]? I don’t care if I am the only person in the world who says no, I have to say it. It is my duty to say it, because it is not ok to treat even one person that way, let alone the thousands of vulnerable people who are so desperate they need some help, they need some social security, a helping hand from the state. That is what the state exists for, to serve the nation and the most vulnerable and needy especially. So don’t tell me it is ok to announce six month sanctions. It isn’t. That’s murder and the answer is no. No question.

But you know what the worst crime is in all of this? It’s not the disrespect for this wonderful thing called life, this unbelievable and unique gift that the universe has granted us for this brief time on Earth. That isn’t the problem. The problem is they think we are not worthy of it. That we must in some way earn the right to life and if we do not earn the right to live to their satisfaction, then we can just die. That we are worth nothing.

And that tells me that they are not fit to govern, not fit for high office, not fit to serve the nation.

They are not fit to serve me or to act in my name in any way. I do not consent to be governed by such people and I live my life in a perpetual state of protest, resistance and disobedience to their evil.

That is the right way to live under oppression, till it is finally broken, beaten and ended.

Keith Ordinary Guy