Have put in much time checking our candidates for our new ward. I am strongly in favour of supporting candidates living in our ward, or near our ward, who will know all about local issues. Not candidates bussed in by “parties” supporting then the party, not the ward.

I have then sent out a seven page review to all candidates, and all standing Cllrs. I asked for any corrections and this then a summary of our candidates on available public info :

Tory – Craig Allison : This candidate has roundly tried to mislead me. Refuses to say which area he lives in and in the process told me I am a threat to his family for asking. I was astounded. His company wealth management offices are in Canford Cliffs. Seeing as he refuses to say which area he does live in we can be very sure he does not live in Newtown and Heatherlands. Most likely in Canford Cliffs or Branksome Park of Bournemouth area with then, as so many Tory candidates that have been bussed in, not a breath of interest in our area.

Tory – Malcolm Farrell : lives in Newtown. As a sitting Tory Cllr along with Tory group gave no support to saving Poole A&E and maternity until finally last December public pressure forced Tory group to put the issue on agenda. As also Tories have forced on us the grand merger, with council tax to rise for years to come; forced the close down of all public toilets; are going to bulldoze Dolphin swimming complex (will not be replaced with large 33 metre pool with diving pit); gave away Alexandra bowling green to private company with now the green a wreck. In short over recent years have decimated our public services.

Tory – Lindsey Thomas – we don’t know which area Lindsey lives in. She claims to be a champion on environment but then Tory group in our councils destroyed the credibility of Navitus offshore wind farm five years ago, 12 miles offshore barely visible from coast; and under Tory council management we end with a drilling rig in Poole Bay, dumping drilling mud in the sea, which includes caustic soda. You really couldn’t make it up. And now we have sealife washing up dead on the shore. Tory commitment to environment close to non-existent.

Labour – Alan Daniels and Emma Lang : Labour have put in huge work to try and stop the downgrading of Poole A&E and the loss of Poole maternity from Poole. As also strongly committed to building affordable housing, And committed to putting an end to ten years of Tory austerity, austerity as policy to nationally wipe out our public services. Alan seems to live in BH15 (Poole), Emma is in her final year of degree in Portsmouth. Great policies from Labour but then in my view we do need candidates living in or near our ward.

Lib Dem – Millie Earl : Millie lives in Ashley Road and has called round our roads many times the past month and spent many evenings speaking with residents. This is very much appreciated. She is strongly committed to protecting our environment, improving roads, dealing with local crime, improving green spaces, working with businesses, and dealing with housing shortages. A new candidate with clearly strong determination to support our ward, within our ward.

Lib Dem Mark Robson : Mark was a serving Royal Marine (colour sergeant) for 26 years – he is chair of Poole Lib Dems and lives I understand in the centre of Upper Parkstone. He is strongly committed to reversing the huge Tory cut-backs and delivering essential public services. In my view another strong candidate.

Lib Dem Marion LePoidevin : Has been one of our two ward Cllr for eight years and has such has been hugely disappointing. Has not followed up on so many reported issues : electric unit sticking out into Ashley Road causing accidents; blocked drains flooding outside Waitrose; dozens of loose paving stones along Ashley Road parades; proliferation of weeds destroying the few high street planters we have. And the worst from this Cllr, claiming they stood up to Tories on closure of toilets in 2014 when the truth is Mrs Lepoidevin, and Lib Dem Cllr Eades, sent out flyers telling us they “wholeheartedly” supported close down of toilets. And this is with all Cllrs including Mrs Lepoidevin in council voting for the closure. So you just see here the ocean of difference between the flyer promises, and service delivery. The very worst of it Lib Dem ward Cllr Eades moving off to Swanage, three years ago, never seen in the ward since.

Green Party – Adrian Oliver : . Adrian lives in Upper Parkstone and personally I 100% support Green policies. However we have had no flyers and can’t find much about Adrian on the web so don’t know. They are still a smallish party (with a big voice) and must give all credit to South West MEP Molly Scott Cato who has done huge work on environment issues and always replies to emails, in enormous contrast to dead in the water Robert Syms who never replies, let alone takes up issues. But then the going rate for Tory dead in the water arrogance. We must have the worst Tory MP in the country.

Vicky Spence – UKIP : Vicky grew up in Upper Parkstone went to local schools and knows the area backwards. She now lives with her husband in Canford Heath but is in Ashley Road regularly. Vicky is very keen to sweep away the failings of the Tories and move us on to a far more progressive politics with the end of austerity. Vicky has been very forthcoming with information, in enormous contrast to Tory “nothing to do with you” Craig Allison. Just shows to me the world of difference in attitudes, a UKIP candidate glad to be forthcoming, a Tory candidate in Canford Cliffs with astonishing arrogance treating an inquiry as some sort of threat : “I wouldn’t normally grace such an inquiry with a response” !! Beggars belief. In any case all credit to Vicky Spence for engaging and helping.

Marty Caine – Inde Engage Party : Marty lives in Alder Road and has taken a keen interest in local and national issues for many years. He is committed to supporting many local issues and has spoken up many times in local media, particularly on road safety. It’s always so good that local people step up and speak out and demand better. However, Marty takes the view that climate warming is not a problem. Not precisely a local issue but then in the view of world science the issue that needs to dominate all issues.

That then is my personal take on candidates in-so-far as information is available. My view – see off the Tories. Demolish the Tories. Until Allison replied to me I had forgotten how horrendous they can be – how on another planet totally out of touch with our local issues.

That said we do have strong local candidates : top of my list will be Millie Earl and Mark Robson, and all credit to Vicky Spence putting in time to communicate her personal commitment. Also Labour group greatest credit for all Labour stand for but we need to meet candidates. And Green party Adrian Oliver, all the right policies but in the end it is the Cllr that matters – how available, how committed.

This will be posted out to as many homes as we can reach in next few days. All a bit hurried – a reaction to the horror of the likes of Craig “don’t ask me questions” Allison – in his financial counting house in Canford Cliffs enjoying to quote “the beautiful view over the golden sands”. Not exactly Ashley Road is it : check out web links – https://citywire.co.uk/wealth-manager/news/pub-talk-with-wh-irelands-craig-allison/a933155

If in doubt vote for anyone but the Tories.

Jeff Williams




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