The Tories most recent attempt to mimic 1930’s Germany

Rishi Sunak faces mounting scrutiny regarding his Rwanda policy, having incurred expenses of £240 million without ever implementing the scheme. The government disbursed an additional £100 million in the 2023-24 financial year, despite grounded flights due to legal challenges, adding to the previously spent £140 million. Anticipated additional costs of £50 million in the coming year could escalate the total expenditure to £290 million, as outlined in a letter from the Home Office to committee chairs.

Matthew Rycroft, a Home Office official, confirmed the payments made in the current financial year but clarified that these were separate from the treaty, with no request or offer for payment from the Rwandan government.

The revelation drew criticism from Labour, with Yvette Cooper condemning the situation as a costly chaos. However, Minister Tom Pursglove defended the expenses, highlighting the aim to reduce asylum system costs and emphasising the importance of investing in strategies to save lives and control expenses.

Despite facing opposition, Sunak persists in his efforts to revive the deportation plan to Rwanda, signaling openness to compromises with rebel Tory MPs. The proposed legislation has sparked divisions among Conservative backbenchers, with hardliners advocating for stronger measures and moderates expressing concerns about its implications for international law.

Pursglove expressed confidence in the plan’s validity and willingness to address concerns through parliamentary debates and engagement with colleagues. Sunak is determined to push the law forward, viewing it as pivotal in curbing irregular crossings.

The prime minister disavowed making the upcoming debate a confidence vote, allowing MPs to deliberate without the risk of losing party support. The plan, introduced in April 2022, aims to send individuals arriving in the UK through irregular means to Rwanda for the Kigali government to decide their refugee status.

Rejoice at reality. Over to George.

Whether Starmer’s Zionists will be any better is very debateable, however. We are screwed unless WE act.

Douglas James

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