Madness! Fake News! Clueless! These are some of the terms being used to describe the leaked information by Robert Peston at ITN.

The information that suggests that the Conservative government’s plan is to effectively allow people to become infected and that most will survive (as they are the fittest) and those that do not are the weakest. A complete corruption of Darwinian theory and an adoption of the ideas of Herbert Spencer and his long since discredited notions.

As a result the NHS will not crumble under the weight of the disease in the way it would if the policy was to treat all. It would take the weight off of the pension pot which governments have been raiding for a century and the staff at the DWP would no longer need to abuse the disabled… to get their kicks, but reach multi orgasms together as the dependents simply died off in one go (see Panorama 9th March 2020).

Why am I writing this? Because millions of people would simply not be surprised if this was in fact the reality.

However, as many have questioned: What the hell is Robert Peston… up to?

Why would a ‘journalist’ known for his loyalty to the Conservative government and regularly challenged on his impartiality be repeating such a claim?

Is he part of a plan to creep out policy before it is officially announced or is there another strategy at play here?

Also is it a coincidence that on 3rd March this letter was published in a notoriously right wing ‘newspaper’ suggesting that ‘thinning the herd’ would be a good idea?

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So many questions that even an official announcement by the lying PM… would not dampen down amongst those paying attention.

Where do we go from here? Why are so many countries adopting differing policies and no single organisation is taking the lead?

I fear we are being played again and that the deaths and suffering will be of the ‘little people’. What we have is ‘creeping chaos’ and the malignant fear that serves no one but you know who.

Douglas James

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