When I looked up what it means to be British generally, the response consisted of many of the characteristics found in the following:.

I found that what it means to be British encompasses a rich tapestry of history, culture, values, and traditions, shaping an identity that is both diverse and inclusive. The essence of being British is a complex interweaving of heritage, social dynamics, and a collective sense of identity that has evolved over centuries.

Historically, Britain’s legacy is marked by its global reach, controversially boasting an empire that spanned continents and, depending on who asks, either contributed to progress or destruction. This history, while bearing the weight of the triumphs and shadows of colonialism, has also contributed to a multicultural and diverse society. The British identity is inherently tied to a spirit of resilience, evident in enduring through wars, political changes, and societal shifts. To be fair, this latter characteristic is reflective of the majority of countries on the planet.

Culturally, Britain is a melting pot, drawing from influences across the globe. From the richness of Shakespearean literature to the vibrant beats of British pop music, the cultural landscape is vast and multifaceted. The notion of “Britishness” appears to embrace a love for traditions like afternoon tea, a fascination with royalty, a passion for football, and a distinctive sense of humour that often thrives on irony and sarcasm.

The British identity is also deeply intertwined with values of tolerance, fairness, and inclusivity. The country has a long-standing tradition of democracy, advocating for human rights, and fostering a society that values individual freedoms. The concept of the “stiff upper lip,” encapsulating resilience in the face of adversity, also appears emblematic of the British character.

Moreover, being British means cherishing a diverse and multicultural society. Britain has been shaped by waves of immigration, contributing to a vibrant mosaic of cultures and traditions. Embracing this diversity has become a cornerstone of the modern British identity, celebrating different backgrounds and fostering a sense of unity amid differences.

The British landscape is characterised by its landscapes and landmarks, from the picturesque countryside to the bustling cityscapes. Again, this is a characteristic many countries can boast of. The appreciation for nature, manifested in activities like hiking, gardening, and a love for the countryside, is also apparently deeply embedded in the British way of life.

In essence, being British transcends geographical boundaries; it’s a blend of history, values, culture, and an evolving sense of identity. It’s about celebrating diversity, valuing traditions, and embracing change while upholding core principles. To be British is to navigate the delicate balance between preserving heritage and adapting to a rapidly changing world, all while fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity in a modern, multicultural society.

Most people would probably agree with much or some of the above. However, if we look abroad, people looking in, like this Swiss commentator, have a different take.

One of the things that could be levelled at many British people is that they take themselves too seriously. This is reflected in the violence perpetrated by those on the right and far right of politics, both at home and abroad. Also, they ignore the fact that they are dominated by so-called ‘western values’ that many millions argue and debate.

Given how the UK tows the US line politically, economically, and socially and is often involved in supplying murderous tools to many countries, it may be time for us all to reappraise exactly what it means to be British.

Douglas James

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