Thanks to organisations including Hope Not Hate, exposing the racist Tommy is now beyond easy.

Let’s get to the heart of ‘Tommy Robinson’s’ antisemitism first:

In an article in 2022 on his Urban Scoop website. Titled ‘Tommy’s Statement: The Jewish Question’ Robinson stated the following:

…“[W]hy is there such an appetite to label or hate ALL Jews? It’s a fair question. My take is this…” he continues. “There are powerful Jewish people, claiming to be Zionists, who have their fingers on buttons of power in the entertainment industry, in big tech, in mainstream media, in the music industry, in Hollywood and in governments.”

There is another section titled ‘Do Jews control the media?’ where he again says, “There are many, many Jews in positions of high power and influence all over the world, especially in the USA, it’s no secret. But why are they in positions of power?”

His answer is “that Jews (generally speaking, at least the white European Jews) have an average IQ of 110, so inevitably those Jews will rise to the top of corporations, of big business, of big tech, of news networks, in Hollywood, in government, etc etc.”

The evidence for this assertion comes from a website called ‘I.Q. and Human Intelligence’ which is a racist pseudoscience website that “aims to popularise scientific studies on intelligence, its biological, genetic, evolutionary bases, its social importance and the individual and ethnic differences […] compromise for ideology or political correctness.”

The website links to the infamous Mankind Quarterly journal, which has rightly been described as a “cornerstone of the scientific racism establishment.”

Thus, while trying to fool his very average IQ followers into believing he is pro Jewish he let’s the proverbial snake out of its sack.

These same followers, who are extremely vulnerable and gullible, are also funding his existence on the back of his lies about his true financial worth.

Far-right figure Tommy Robinson recently claimed bankruptcy, asserting an inability to settle the dues he owes Jamal Hijazi, a Syrian refugee he defamed. Nick Lowles, CEO of HOPE not hate has shed light on an investigation into these assertions.

In a July 2022 legal battle, Tommy Robinson, born Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, faced a defamation case’s defeat. He falsely accused Jamal, a young Syrian refugee who gained attention in a bullying incident, of misconduct towards female students at his school. This ordeal escalated after Jamal was subjected to bullying in a viral video.

Jamal, already a victim, found himself catapulted from a distressing situation to an outright nightmare due to Robinson’s interference. His family endured tremendous suffering due to Robinson’s falsehoods, and they even feared for their safety.

Following Robinson’s loss in court, the judge mandated a £100,000 payment to Jamal, a fraction of what Jamal and his family rightfully considered that they deserved, along with covering Jamal’s legal expenses. In total, Robinson owes £2 million.

Yet Tommy Robinson claimed bankruptcy, suggesting an inability to repay.

The reality is different—Robinson’s claim of bankruptcy appears unfounded. Insolvency experts are confident that this is a falsehood and are working to reveal Robinson’s actual financial status.

The following article is clear evidence that he is being funded luxuriously. Any claims of bankruptcy are a ruse to con his followers and an attempt to avoid the fines and costs of his continual losses to the UK justice system.

If clever Jewish people are rising to the top, as AKA Tommy infers, then his followers are displaying all of the characteristics of those at the bottom. Low intelligence and easily deceived.

Penny Lane

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