Lots of you have been asking me about what we should do about our awful local MP Sir Christopher Chope. SO for this General Election, I’ve founded Christchurch Chairs Against Chope, a group of local people who represent the many in our area who feel poorly served by him.

We believe having such a ‘safe seat’ (with one of the largest majorities in the country) means that our MP has regularly voted in ways which don’t represent the opinions of the people he serves. We don’t think Chope should be sitting pretty come the 12th December.

We’ve created 28 chairs, one for each day of the campaign from when the candidate list is announced on the 14th November. These 28 ‘safe seats’, all with individual messages will be appearing around the constituency throughout the course of the election campaign. We hope you see them. We hope they make you smile. We hope they encourage you to vote chairfully.

MORE INFO AND CHAIRS TO SHARE HERE: safeseatcampaign.blogspot.com

We’ve put three chairs out in Christchurch today – one by the Norman Manor House by the castle ruins, one in Saxon Square and one at Mudeford Quay.

In a representative democracy, choosing the right person to represent us is really important. Christopher Chope, the Conservative candidate for Christchurch, has had one of the largest Conservative majorities in the country since 1997.

We think it’s bad for democracy when someone has such a safe seat. It means they can treat their constituents with complacency. Worst of all, his voting record shows he frequently votes in ways which many people object to.

– A Safe Seat allows someone who infamously blocked upskirting legislation to REPRESENT YOU
– A Safe Seat allows someone who blocked FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) legislation to REPRESENT YOU
– A Safe Seat allows someone who voted against all equal marriage laws to REPRESENT YOU
– A Safe Seat allows someone who supported the illegal prorogation of parliament to REPRESENT YOU
– A Safe Seat allows someone who blocked the pardon of War Hero Alan Turing to REPRESENT YOU
– A Safe Seat allows someone who believes we should do NOTHING about climate change to REPRESENT YOU

YOU have the power to vote differently. Don’t let this be a safe seat.

Please share on your social media #NOPETOCHOPE #SAFESEATCAMPAIGN #GE2019 and find out more at safeseatcampaign.blogspot.com

Lorna Rees

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