climate strike
The group of ‘terrorists’ at the Town Pump

50 men, women and children attended a climate strike in central Dorchester at lunchtime today (Friday). This is the fourth held since the climate strike movement began.

Speeches were given by Philip Marfleet and Lynne Hubbard about the proposed oil well in Puddletown that Dorset Council is considering whether to green-light in the coming months.

Portland health and environmental activist Giovanna Lewis led a singalong for the protest which put smiles on everyone’s faces before raising the ugly prospect of the Portland incinerator that could lead to dozens of HGVs full of waste clogging up Weymouth and Portland before polluting the pristine sea air.

Town crier and independent Dorset councillor Alistair Chisholm gave a rousing speech about the 4,000 (increased from 3,500) unaffordable homes that are planned for the north of Dorchester too.

Climate strike 2
Terrorist weapon 1

The message is clear – both locally and nationally our environment is under threat and we need to act now to stand up to the desecration of our countryside, air and environment now. I was allowed to speak on behalf of the Dorset Trades Council where I raised the fact that the green economy could pump millions into the local economy instead of burning rotten dinosaur entrails (fossil fuels).

And yes, the government has labelled environmental protestors ‘extremists’, predominantly because we are a threat to the old dirty money that funds the Establishment of today. This is a power struggle and those of us in the fight believe that we can achieve system change to avert climate change.

After the speeches we as a group, led by Giovanna, marched through town singing and chanting our slogans. We were well received by the public. A message to you wonderful people who cheered and supported us: join in next time! Everyone’s welcome.

Climate strike 3
Another ‘terrorist weapon’

You are all welcome to join a lobby of Dorset Council at 6pm on Tuesday 18th February at the Charles Street offices. 

A message to the powers that be: we are here, and won’t be going away. If you really want to be true to your proclamation of a ‘Climate Emergency’, then have policies that match them. Leave the oil in the ground, invest in green jobs and lead the way – don’t just give more hot air!

See you at the barricades!

Climate strike 4
Dangerous aren’t they?!

Richard Shrubb

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