Dorset and Poverty

Across Dorset 14-28% of households are at risk of poverty (over and above those who are already in poverty), as a result of the failings of the economy and economic policies, with the east of the county at greatest risk. Purbeck is ranked the 45th most likely to be hit by poverty out of 424 local authorities across the country. North Dorset is the least likely in the county and is ranked 201st out of 424.

The data was collected by Experian

Experian’s Bruno Rost explains the key objective of the research:

‘In essence, what we’ve done is removed people that automatically fall into the most deprived/ poorest categories and focused on those that are working but suffering high levels of financial stress and have stated that they are finding it very difficult to cope with their current income ie these are the people who are on the cliff edge and should circumstances deteriorate further are the types of people likely to suffer most with a change in fortune.

The list is:• Self employed trades people, small communities
• Mixed communities, single people, small town centres
• Upwardly mobile South Asian families in inter ward suburbs
• Young owners & private renters in inner city terraces
• South Asian communities experiencing social deprivation
• Low income families occupying poor quality older terraces
• Older families in low value housing in traditional industrial areas
• Often indebted families living in low rise estates.’

(First appeared in The Guardian 19/6/2012)


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