Dorset Climate Action Network (Dorset CAN) has sent a strong message on behalf of hundreds of Dorset citizens to the world leaders assembled in Glasgow for the Global Climate Conference COP26

The message calls upon the world leaders to provide “bold, collective leadership at this critical juncture in the history of human civilisation”.  Dorset CAN recognises that the process of halting climate change will make severe demands on governments throughout the world, but also on the collective endeavour of people everywhere.  The message states that the members of Dorset CAN are ready to take the local action which is needed to cut carbon emissions. 

You can read the statement here: 

We are ready…

On behalf of the many hundreds of people and the local organisations that we represent in
Dorset (UK) we send greetings to the assembled governments at COP 26.
We look to you for bold, collective leadership at this critical juncture in the history of human
civilisation. We therefore ask you to set a clear and detailed pathway for urgent action to:
• reduce our greenhouse gas emissions
• phase out fossil fuels
• expand renewable energy production
• turn towards the sustainable – and then regenerative – use of the world’s resources
• reverse the disastrous loss of the world’s wildlife.

We know this process will make severe demands on the courage of political leaders, the
resourcefulness of commerce and industry, the world’s financial resources and the
adaptability and collective endeavour of people everywhere.
Living in a climatically favoured region in a wealthy country which has contributed heavily to
the causes of climate change, we recognise that we have an obligation to contribute to this
great global transition.

We believe the transition must be guided by the principles of fairness and justice, in order to
alleviate the suffering of disadvantaged people everywhere, to sustain communities on the
land where they currently live and to avoid the need for mass dislocation and migration.
We are ready to ‘live more lightly on the land’, to make the personal and collective changes
which are needed to meet the global challenge, and to stand in solidarity with others
around the world.
We look to you to seize the moment…

Michael Dower, of Dorset CAN’s Action Team, said: “This is a crucial moment for the future for the world’s population.  John Kerry, the US Envoy on Climate Change, has rightly stated that COP26 is our ‘last best chance’ to avoid catastrophic levels of global warming,  we in Dorset CAN wish to play our part by putting the well-being of the planet and of the people of Dorset at the forefront of everything we do”.

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