Unless otherwise stated, expect gigs to start at around 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

FRIDAY 24th August

 Shooglenifty/Larkin Poe/Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson/Old Man Luedecke/Pete Christie (Purbeck Folk Festival site, Langton Matravers, near Swanage BH19 3DU): The Purbeck Folk Festival is upon us! Details here:

Lo Numbers (Market House Tavern, Maiden Street, Weymouth DT4 8AZ): Magnificently-performed covers from The Who, Small Faces, The Creation, The Specials and more.

The Dinnerladies (Finns, Westham Road, Weymouth DT4 8NU).

Tripod (Main Road, Maiden Street, Weymouth): Music from 11pm.

Stress (Beach & Barnicott, South Street, Bridport DT6 3NQ).

Skatmandu (Black Dog, St Mary Street, Weymouth DT4 8PB).

Chill (Royal Exchange, Weston, Portland DT5 2BZ).

Replay (Spice Ship, Preston Road, Preston, Weymouth DT3 6BJ).

The Devil’s Rejects (Ropemakers, West Street, Bridport DT6 3QP).

Fleetwood Bac (Mr Kyps, Parr Street, Ashley Cross, Lower Parkstone, Poole BH14 0JY): This Fleetwood Mac tribute act focuses on the band’s Buckingham/Nicks era, with the occasional nod to the original Peter Green-led (and vastly-superior in your scribe’s opinion) incarnation. Doors open at 8pm; admission is £8 in advance or £10 on the door. Tickets are available online from ; details on 01202 748945 or at .

Elvis 56 (Edinburgh House of Sounds, St Thomas Street, Weymouth DT4 8EW).

(Finns, Westham Road, Weymouth DT4 8NU):

 (Main Road, Maiden Street, Weymouth): 11pm.

 (Lazy Lizard, Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 8DG):

 (George Inn, Custom House Quay, Weymouth DT4 8BE):

 (Royal Portland Arms, Fortuneswell, Portland DT5 1LZ):

 (Royal Exchange, Weston, Portland DT5 2BZ):

 (Old Ship, High West Street, Dorchester DT1 1UW):

 (Ropemakers, West Street, Bridport DT6 3QP):

 (Mr Kyps, Parr Street, Ashley Cross, Lower Parkstone, Poole BH14 0JY): Doors open at 8pm; admission is £ in advance or £ on the door. Tickets are available online from ; details on 01202 748945 or at

 (Golden Lion, St Edmund Street, Weymouth DT4 8AR):

 (Edinburgh House of Sounds, St Thomas Street, Weymouth DT4 8EW):

 (Prince of Wales, Park Street, Weymouth DT4 7DG):

 (Duke of Cornwall, St Edmund Street, Weymouth DT4 8AS):

 (Centenary Club, Jubilee Close, Weymouth DT4 7BG):

 (Kings Arms, Trinity Road, Weymouth DT4 8TJ):

 Jam Session (Lounge Bar, School Street, Weymouth DT4 8NJ):

 Bill Solo (Wellington Arms, St Alban Street, Weymouth DT4 8PY): Audience-participation-friendly pop and rock covers from Bill.

 Open Mic Night (Sun Inn, King Street, Weymouth DT4 7BH).

 (Weymouth Working Men’s Club, Mitchell Street, Weymouth DT4 9AB).

SATURDAY 25th August

K T Tunstall/Moulettes/Rory McLeod & The Familiar Strangers/Gilmore:Roberts/Harpeth Rising(Purbeck Folk Festival site, Langton Matravers, near Swanage BH19 3DU): International folk royalty comes to Dorset. Details of the above and the plethora of other acts performing today here:

Thomas and the Mock-Ups/London Dry/Jack Harrison & the Dharma Bums/Sarah Pardoe/Epic Journey(Maumbury Rings, Weymouth Avenue, DorchesterDT1 2EN): This year’s Anonymous Festival continues the organisation’s remit of the celebration of local young musical talent. The event starts at 11am and continues until around 9pm, and will include a bouncy castle, a bungee run, a climbing wall, face-painting stalls, circus skills displays and dance groups. Free admission.

Splinter (Finns, Westham Road, Weymouth DT4 8NU): Classic rock from the likes of Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Bon Jovi.

Tripod (Golden Lion, St Edmund Street, WeymouthDT4 8AR): Mark Davis’s power blues trio fire up at 9.30pm.

The Skones (Park Hotel, Grange Road, WeymouthDT4 7PQ): Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, Jilted John and more from this Dorchester-based trio.

Chill(Royal Exchange, Weston, Portland DT5 2BZ): Contemporary and classic rock covers.

Jess Upton, Robbie McIntosh & Steve Wilson(George Inn, Main Street, Chideock, near Bridport DT6 6JD): Gram Parsons, Hank Williams, Lowell George, Bob Dylan covers plus Robbie and Steve’s original material, all drenched with three-part harmonies.

Left, Right & Centre(Golden Lion, St Edmund Street, WeymouthDT4 8AR):Covers galore from the likes of The Moody Blues, Talking Heads, The Turtles and The Kinks.

Geoff Miller Band (Saturday Summer Live stage, South Street, Dorchester): Big band jazz on the SSL stage at the southern end of South Street. Lunchtime gig.

Big Red Ass (Ropemakers, West Street, Bridport DT6 3QP):High-energy, brass-fronted ska/reggae/Cossack malarkeys.

Freak Circus (Crown Inn, West Bay Road, BridportDT6 4AX):“Unquestionably talented and ultimately exciting”… “wonderfully heady visual cocktail, as alluring fun as it is ‘Clockwork Orange’ dark”. So sayeth Soundsurge magazine.

JK as Robbie/Bagga Bluze (Mr Kyps, Parr Street, Ashley Cross, Lower Parkstone, Poole BH14 0JY): A Robbie Williams tribute act, plus local support. Doors open at 8pm; admission is £5 in advance or £7 on the door. Tickets are available online from; details on 01202 748945 or at

Jo Jo (Sun Inn, King Street, Weymouth DT4 7BH): 60s to 90s pop covers.

SUNDAY 26th August

Amy Mayes Band/Billy Hutchingson & Friends/The Electric Bucket Band/Hustle/Surfin’ Birds/Lauren Bannon/Casinos/Tom Caulfield/Chloe & Tom/Baker/Si ‘Johnny Reggae’ Davis(Lazy Lizard, Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 8DG): It’s the Lizard’s End of Summer Blowout. End of summer? What summer? Music from 3pm, free entry before 6pm – details at

Rat Race(Mr Kyps, Parr Street, Ashley Cross, Lower Parkstone, Poole BH14 0JY): Ska and reggae as performed by The Specials, Bad Manners and Toots & The Maytals. Doors open at 8pm; admission is £5 in advance or £7 on the door. Tickets are available online from; details on 01202 748945or at

Chloe & Tom(Aura Café Bar, Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 8DQ).

Orpheus (East Beach, West Bay, near Bridport): Latin soul and funk that will cause your feet to dance uncontrollably. Be prepared to invest in new footwear the next day, as your feet sleeves will be well and truly de funked! Music from 9pm.

Skinful(Clifton Hotel, Grove Road, PortlandDT5 1DA): Our classic rock covers band play at the Clifton’s Family Fun Day, which runs from 2pm until 5pm.

Gut & Steel(Old Ship Inn, Ridgeway, UpweyWeymouth DT3 5QQ):Neil Young to Squeeze, Snow Patrol to Django Reinhardt. Music from 2.30pm.

The Sailor’s Jam Session (Sailor’s Return, Nicholas Street, Weymouth DT4 8AD): Mark Stacey hosts this open session. Music from 8pm.

Acoustic Afternoon(Queen’s Hotel, King Street, WeymouthDT4 7BJ): A mellow acoustic session here every Sunday from 4pm to 8pm, with PA provided.

Jamie Pinnow’s Open Mic Surgery – The Apple Tree sessions(Apple Tree, Trinity Street, DorchesterDT1 1TT): Jamie will be fielding all requests here every Sunday, from 3pm until 6pm.

Solid Gold Duo (Central Hotel, Esplanade, WeymouthDT4 8EB): Pop covers from this duo, here every Sunday night.

MONDAY 27th August

Skatmandu(Black Dog, St Mary Street, WeymouthDT4 8PB): Love, Paul Weller, Santana, Todd Rundgren and more, from 8pm.

Skint Imperials(Golden Lion, St Edmund Street, WeymouthDT4 8AR): The Skints have a guest bass player tonight in the form of Mr Jamie Pinnow! Music from 9.30pm.

The Great Pretender(Mr Kyps, Parr Street, Ashley Cross, Lower Parkstone, Poole BH14 0JY):Queen/Freddie Mercury tribute act. Doors open at 8pm; admission is £15 in advance or £17 on the door. Tickets are available online from; details on 01202 748945 or at

CANCELLED GIG ALERT: The Communicators/Design(Electric Palace, South Street, BridportDT6 3NY):Not quite sure why this gig has been pulled, but all is not quite lost…

Design(Ropemakers, West Street, Bridport DT6 3QP):… as John ‘The Guvnor’ Baker organises this event, which features the Palace’s putative support act. Designation from 8pm.

Mr Bucket(Lazy Lizard, Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 8DG):Toby and Phil are here every Monday night.

Michael Roberts (Hotel Mon Ami, Esplanade, WeymouthDT4 7NN): Saxophones, flute, harmonica and vocals from Michael, here every Monday night.

Pete Howell (Russell Hotel, Esplanade, WeymouthDT4 7NG): A singalong with Pete and his accordion here every Monday night.

TUESDAY 28thAugust

Acoustically Acclaimed (Lazy Lizard, Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 8DG): Tom Morris hosts this weekly acoustic jam session.

B J McCabe (Norfolk Hotel, Esplanade, WeymouthDT4 7ES).

WEDNESDAY 29th August

Tom Caulfield(Boho Bar, St Thomas Street, WeymouthDT4 8EQ): Gritty, blues-infected original material covers from Tom. You can catch him here every Wednesday night.

Danny Adams(Banus, Esplanade, WeymouthDT4 8DH).

Jam Session (Royal Exchange, Weston, Portland DT5 2BZ): Portland’s weekly jam session, with PA etc provided.

Jam with Mark (Wellington Arms, St Alban Street, WeymouthDT4 8PY).

Jefferson Jon (Russell Hotel, Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 7NG): Country, and also western, from Big John.

B J McCabe (Hotel Mon Ami, Esplanade, WeymouthDT4 7NN): Beejer is here every Wednesday.

Wessex Folk Night (Sailors Return, Nicholas Street, Weymouth DT4 8AD): Acoustic folk, here every Wednesday.

THURSDAY 30thAugust

Skint Imperials’ Jam Session (Café Vie D’Amour, St Mary Street, WeymouthDT4 8PB): Barbara, Nick and Rob host this weekly jam session.

Brian (George Inn, Custom House Quay, Weymouth DT4 8BE): Pop and rock covers from Brian, here every Thursday night.

Irish Tune Session(Cove House Inn, Chiswell, PortlandDT5 1AW).

Jamie Pinnow’s Open Mic Surgery(Tom Brown’s, High East Street, Dorchester DT1 1HU).

B J McCabe (Richmoor Hotel, Esplanade, WeymouthDT4 7NP): B J’s here every Thursday night.

Steve’s Singalong (Duke of Cornwall, St Edmund Street, Weymouth DT4 8AS): Steve hosts this session, with guests joining in.

Traditional Tune Session (Cove House Inn, ChiswelI, PortlandDT5 1AW).

FRIDAY 31st August

Triops(ICCI Dome, Pavilion, Esplanade, WeymouthDT4 8ED): Another chance to sample this unique multi-media, 360-degree audio-visual extravaganza.

Pronghorn/Poze & The Skimmity Hitchers(Mr Kyps, Parr Street, Ashley Cross, Lower Parkstone, PooleBH14 0JY): Doors open at 8pm; admission is free. Details on 01202 748945 or at

DT8(Red House, Dorchester Road, YeovilBA22 9RA): Brass-heavy soul and funk.

Willowen (Ropemakers, West Street, Bridport DT6 3QP):Three-piece acoustic band from Bournemouth with a harmony-fuelled, surf vibe and a folky twist, drawing comparisons with Jack Johnson, The Doors, Noah and The Whale and The Kooks. See them in action here:

Bill Solo (Wellington Arms, St Alban Street, Weymouth DT4 8PY): Audience-participation friendly pop and rock covers from Bill.

Open Mic Night (Sun Inn, King Street, Weymouth DT4 7BH).