Dorset Police Officer Unsuccessfully Attempts to Inform Theresa May of ‘Pension Annihilation’

Craig Tiernan, a police officer from Dorset told Mrs May at the Police Federation conference in Bournemouth, that pensions legislation which he thought would protect his income in retirement had been “annihilated”. 

Before PC Tiernan could develop his argument further he was ushered away – but that awkward encounter was a sign of what was to come in the conference hall as officers queued up to tell the Prime Minister how cuts were affecting their ability to do their job.

Many others lined up to tell the Prime Minister how the savage cuts and mergers had undermined policing with numbers now at 1974 levels.

police numbers

This follows a Yorkshire police officer earlier in the week telling Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, about the perilous state his force is in following Tory cuts to budgets & staffing.

However, the response was that they were scaremongering and crying wolf and that their experiences were not a valid representation.

Strong and Stable aka ‘Your word against mine and I have the power’.

Douglas James