Dorset Wildlife Trust landscape scheme comes to life in panoramic photography project

The Dorset Wildlife Trust West Dorset living landscape project has been featured in a ground-breaking 360 degree virtual tour by award-winning photographer Mike McFarlane (below).

Mike’s epic 5,903 mile cycle ride around the UK pedalled into West Dorset to capture the stunning results of the Pastures New project, where staff and volunteers have been working with local farmers and communities to implement conservation measures and restore wildlife habitats.

Mike McFarlane

© Tom Marshall

Nick Gray, West Dorset Conservation Officer from Dorset Wildlife Trust, said:  “We have been focusing our efforts on landscape-scale conservation in partnership with farmers and landowners for several years.  Mike’s stunning panoramic views and virtual tours will help people to visualise where we are working and what we’re up to, as well as the scale and scope of our Living Landscape initiatives.”


The photography project, funded by the Tubney Charitable Trust and Aggregate Industries, included 91 other sides in the UK, from North-West Scotland to the Isles of Scilly. It took Mike one year to complete using a fold-up bike and public transport to reduce his carbon footprint. “This was such an amazing job and for such a great organisation, very much up my street in terms of what I want to put back into society,” said Mike, 39. “I like to do something that’s good for society, or good for the landscape, good for nature, so the project was definitely attractive,”he added.

This rare opportunity to bring nature to life on the screen has been described as a “fabulous achievement” by The Wildlife Trusts’ Vice President, Chris Packham.  “Mike’s amazing spins allow you to imagine lying in the middle of a hay meadow or by the sea looking at the sky and views in every direction while listening to birds chirping or the swoosh of the waves,” said Chris.

The audio-visual tours are now available on The Wildlife Trusts’ website Interactive features allow viewers to find out more about the important work Dorset Wildlife Trust is doing to recreate and protect wildlife in large spaces.