Eric Cantona: The Man & The Myth

Skilful, thoughtful and aggressive; Eric Cantona wowed English football in the 1990s and was key to Manchester United’s dominance at the time. Though idolised for his football, Cantona is also remembered for his various altercations; a kung-fu-kick against a Crystal Palace fan at Selhurst Park is perhaps foremost amongst them.

In the first programme the one and only Eric Cantona joins James o’Brien for a very special career-spanning interview in which we explore the life and mind of an icon. No stone is left unturned as King Eric takes us through his early life and career, his thoughts on the state of the Western world, and everything in between.

In the second programme Joe Devine is joined by Paul Ansorge to discuss the man and the myth.

These two programmes especially the first are enlightening and great watching.