Since the EU referendum what has become horrifically clear to me is that Brexit is a Tory neoliberal wet dream. My own view had to undergo a sea change after the referendum. I voted leave because I am deeply uncomfortable with globalisation and neoliberalism in the EU, I feared, and still do, that globalisation will erode democracy and even destroy it.

The lead up to the referendum was the most abysmal political debacle I have ever seen. It was a triumph of lies and misinformation and, we now know, illegal practices that should have annulled the result. I did not know which way I was going to vote until two weeks before the referendum, and my choice to vote leave was literally grasping at straws and was tipped towards leave only because of my fears about globalisation and the corruption of those who control it.

Now, here’s the thing I have to live with. My thinking was skewed and I failed to grasp just how unimaginably corrupt the Tories are and what would follow a vote to leave. As such, I have to acknowledge that my misunderstanding of just what the Tories are capable of, which I had written about daily for 4 1/2 bloody years, and my subsequent vote to leave, was the most ridiculously stupid thing I have ever done.

It doesn’t matter how good my personal intentions were, the only way Brexit could work is under a socialist government, but, even then, the Tories could get in again one day and what we are seeing right now would turn out to be merely delayed, not prevented.

The EU came about as a means to bring to an end warring factions within Europe, culminating in WWII, and it is to that basic idea that I look and must acknowledge the Tories are all too likely to piss all over peace in Europe. A Tory government is the most likely government to start a war, not prevent it and I am sure that Theresa May would love to have her own Falklands moment, the war that gave Margaret Thatcher another term in office.

Nothing that has happened in the UK since 2010 was prevented by our membership of the European Union and, in fact, the Tories have sneered at UN investigations which, not least, have found that the Tory government are committing ‘grave or systematic violations of the rights of persons with disabilities’. An earlier investigation by Raquel Rolnik into the ‘bedroom tax’ was rejected by the Tories and saw her absolutely monstered by the right wing press. The most recent UN investigation by Special Rapporteur Philip Alston on extreme poverty and human rights, has seen a preliminary report rejected by the Tories. All while we are still members of the EU which begs the very real and pressing question, what the hell will it be like if we exit the EU under a Tory government? To which the only answer is, it’ll be catastrophic for the people and a wet dream for the Tories and wealthy elites. In other words, more of the same of the last eight years, except on crack.

To pin my colours to the mast, I do not think the issue we need to look at is EU membership, the real issue that underpins and undermines the whole EU debate is the Tories. Whether we leave the EU or not, we need to leave the Tories, preferably somewhere dark, dank and extremely unpleasant, because, no matter what, they are going to carry right on killing UK citizens. Does anyone actually know how many people they’ve killed thus far? I am pretty damned sure it is now well over a million, certainly it’s at least many hundreds of thousands, but they are not counting and have no interest on doing so… for obvious reasons.

The most heart warming part of the entire debacle over Britain’s membership of the EU and the murderous Tories, is the absolute hysteria over Jeremy Corbyn and the prospect of a socialist government. The success of the politically corrupt relies on the constant reinforcement of hate and division by the Tories, the right wing media and those with a vested interest in greed and corruption for self serving reasons. And here’s a thing, isn’t it astonishing how much sound and fury the few make to bludgeon the many? Because they know that humanity is, in general, better than them and better than the despicable hate and greed they peddle, as they seek to play us all false.

As a writer and member of the new left independent media it is worthy of note that search engines, and Google in particular, do not return results for independent media sources like Vox Political, Dorset Eye, The Skwawkbox, Charlotte Hughes, Kitty Jones Politics and Insights, The Canary, or even my own ‘Fear and Loathing in Great Britain’, to name but a few, unless specified in the search text. Which means that the general public is actively prevented from seeing our output at all, let alone on any kind of regular basis. The MSM dominates public opinion and debate.

Britain is in the grip of corruption that rivals that other great bastion of corruption, America, which is waiting in the wings, at the invitation of the Tories, to devour us the moment we leave the EU. Theresa May was there in September telling the US that it will be open season in Britain, or as she put it, “Through our Modern Industrial Strategy at home we will create one of the most dynamic and business-friendly economies in the world – driving investment opportunities for your businesses and spreading the benefits of new sectors and technologies to every part of my country.”

Brexit under the Tories needs a public health warning, “Britain for sale, kiss your ass goodbye”. We have eight devastating years of Tory misanthropy, hostility and democide as utterly reliable proof why there will be no economic recovery or general well being for the majority of people in Britain as long as the Tories are a rogue government in power.

There is a great deal of noise being made about a second referendum. Personally I would support such a vote only after a general election, but if the nation is mad enough to vote the Tories in again then Britain’s membership of the European Union is moot for the millions who will continue to suffer under their misrule. The many who reportedly voted leave because they are marginalised and ignored may or may not vote to leave in a second referendum, it won’t matter, what will matter is whether or not they vote Tory.

Last thought. To sum up a common idea, many people are despised and regarded as too stupid to vote. It is true that many people are uneducated, but that’s because education is a privilege. The vote of an uneducated or poorly educated person is as valid (if not more so) as the vote of an educated person, the crime of social exclusion that is committed is that poor and uneducated people are ignored, yet their lives matter just as much as the most aristocratic, Eton educated, university degree and doctorate awarded, honours listed, filthy rich, elite. If we want a country fit for all, then the people to listen to are the poverty stricken, under privileged, uneducated and down beaten who live the most precarious lives. That is Britain’s real problem and EU or no EU will not help them one bit. We’ve had thousands of years to deal with poverty, injustice and inequality and though we’ve made some pitiful progress, we’re now going backwards again and even life expectancy is now in decline in Britain’s most impoverished areas.

Personally, EU or no EU, I don’t really give much of a shit either way, I just want to live, and as far as that goes the only problem I can see with clear 20/20 vision is the Tories.

Keith Ordinary Guy.

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