It actually took a lot less time than I was expecting. However, in the end it was easy.

In fact the numbering took the most time.


Penny Lane

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  1. If the people ever regain power, the evil dynasties controlling our wealth and power by the laws they make in our stolen name must be completely eliminated, and all their assets repossessed for re distribution. Private education, health and legal representation also ended, so we all get the same standard of education; health care and justice. so the best succeed the most, to the benefit of all.

    Sadly we didn’t take the chance when the French rose up, and even they made the mistake of not tracking down the aristos who fled and terminating them wherever they had hidden from justice. To allow even one of these murderous arrogant deceitful rats to survive would be a mistake, lest the absolute evil in their foul genes will regenerate.

    These human parasites on our society are a pandemic that can only be eliminated by terminating their possibility to reproduce. We could sterilise them, but that’s too kind, and they would anyway adopt and corrupt the new blood with their pervasive evil. That’s just what I think, doubt it will catch on. But it’s doable with the right leadership. IMO. Is it too late to regain our democracy from these people?