This is not meant to be a pro Democrat article but one that points at how the Republicans have brainwashed millions with lies and propaganda and having read the short quote below should alarm many in the UK as to how they have been swindled too.

‘When I said that I was fiscally conservative, I meant personally. I personally, am conservative financially. Democrats wind up cleaning up the mess after every Republican administration. We’re actually better with money than they are, but they’re better at claiming to be. They’re lying.’


‘Suppression as a result. Because they been sold the status of “victim” they feel justified in winning by any means necessary. See @Teri_Kanefield for excellent threads on hardball democracy if you’re interested in more on that.’ 

Click on the tweets and follow the thread. If you are not on twitter and want to be get on there and read this type of conversation for yourselves.

Social media can be radical and empowering if we want it to be.

Douglas James

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