Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage has stirred up controversy after being spotted utilising a designated disabled parking space for a duration of 45 minutes while indulging in shopping at M&S.

Photographs captured last month depict the erstwhile UKIP figure disembarking from a white BMW on North Wharf Road, adjacent to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, a zone explicitly designated for disabled parking.

Accompanied by his chauffeur, Mr Farage, who now heads the Reform UK party, alighted from the vehicle, proceeding towards a nearby establishment. His chauffeur, during this period, engaged in smoking cigarettes and procuring refreshments on the 22nd of April, as attested by an onlooker. Following his brief sojourn, Mr. Farage emerged from the premises, and together they made a detour to M&S before departing the scene.

An anonymous eyewitness expressed disdain, remarking, “It’s scandalous. While ordinary individuals adhere to regulations, he deems it fit to occupy a disabled bay, despite being the architect of regulations binding upon everyone else.” According to the observer, Mr Farage’s chauffeur monopolised the bay from approximately 10:43 am until 11:29 am.

Westminster City Council clarified that brief drop-offs and pick-ups are permissible within the parking bay, provided they do not exceed two minutes. However, they emphasised that extended waiting without displaying a disabled badge or securing further exemption is impermissible. A spokesperson for Westminster City Council stated, “The council routinely monitors these bays to ensure compliance with regulations.”

The witness further lamented, “I was considerably displeased, with other motorists seeking parking spaces, some even pulling up alongside me. The area was bustling, resulting in numerous individuals eyeing the disabled spot before ultimately driving off. Upon witnessing the chauffeur’s actions, I observed him reverse into the parking bay.”

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