The A&P building in Falmouth was splattered with red paint last night as part of the street art day of a week of resistance against the Bibby Stockholm. A&P is the company responsible for refitting the refugee prison ship, currently in the dry dock in Falmouth, to double its size to ‘house’ 500 people in accommodation the size of car parking spaces.

According to a statement received by Cornwall Resists, the building was “redecorated with red paint to symbolise the racist border violence that’s led to the death of thousands of people. A&P are not only complicit in border violence, by working on this floating prison, they are actively perpetrating it. One person has already died on the Bibby Stockholm. How many more people have to be killed before we say enough is enough and take action to prevent it?”

Cornwall Resists has organised a week of resistance and rebellion against this floating human rights violation. The week runs until 18th June, and other actions include phonejamming the companies responsible for the barge, banner drops, and radical sea shanties, culminating in a protest on 18th June, meeting on the Moor at 1pm.

A spokesperson for Cornwall Resists stated:

    “Last night’s action shows that people will not stand by while Falmouth is used as an extension of this government’s racist hostile environment and that people can, and will, take action against the companies involved.

    “Through calling the week of resistance, we want to ensure that everyone in Falmouth, and the rest of Cornwall, knows that we will not tolerate being complicit in persecuting people seeking sanctuary on our shores. And we hope that more and more people will get involved in the week and make sure this message is heard loud and clear.”

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