In 2017, Graham (who calls himself a journalist) was the subject of controversy after making a post on Twitter in which he called Liverpool F.C. fans “murderers”, in the context of the 1985 Heysel Stadium disaster. He was also criticised in 2020 for referring to Celtic F.C as “the paedo’s football club” on Twitter, while engaging in a spat with a user of the social networking platform.

In 2021, Graham was accused of disparaging a guest on his show, Cameron Ford, a climate change activist and carpenter by trade, for his use of timber as a building material. Graham suggested it was hypocritical for an environmentalist to work with timber since it requires the felling of trees. When the guest responded that timber is a sustainable building material because, unlike the concrete alternative, trees can be regrown, Graham claimed that it is equally possible to “grow concrete”. Graham then abruptly terminated the interview less than a minute after it began. The blunder was ridiculed online following the interview. Later, on Jeremy Kyle’s TalkRadio show, Graham doubled down on the claim, saying concrete expands as it sets. On Twitter, the radio station shared an article about self-replicating concrete.

He received further criticism later in 2022 after making a false claim that Mind, a UK mental health charity, had been funding the legal fees of individuals seeking asylum in the UK; TalkTV later issued a public apology.

Mike Graham

Being sued big time

Following this vile tweet

James O’Brien has reassured us that this excrement will be punished

The only way to wipe the scum off of the sidewalks is to set the best lawyers loose and ‘bleach’ them in to non existence.

Douglas James

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