Nottingham August 2020.

So those ‘not racist’ bikers & ‘not racist’ ex-soldiers, swelled by a bunch of fascist football hooligans, held a demo in Notts today. Apparently they’re concerned about child abuse. Ironic, really, given there were a number of EDL faces present & that organisation has had at least 20 convicted nonces pass through its ranks. Some might consider that a gang. Of a particular type…

Among the ‘not racist’ Red Hand of Ulster flags, ‘not racist’ White Lives Matter placards, here are a few more demonstrating the attendees’ concern for children & the plight of homeless former service personnel. Honest, guv.

‘Crazy fascist-truther crossbreed of racist a.k.a. The QAnonsensical muppet, with their burning Q.
My burning question for them is how come they don’t look closer to home at their own convicted paedo-fascists, before casting their ridiculous aspersions that BLM and AntiFa would actually defend paedophiles, (as one fascist held a card up stating to this)?’ Toby.

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and closeup, text that says '84% 84 17:20 VE OREAT AMEARCA AGAIN Sue Paterson 30 MINUTES AGO Like Comment'
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Obviously Trump supporters.

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Another issue is their denial in the face of reality.

Harry Paterson

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