The UK is currently dealing with a cost of living crisis, and as a result, many people are being more careful with their purchases. There is less emphasis on fast fashion and a greater need for quality pieces that will withstand the test of time and retain their value. We’re investing in our wardrobes instead of following every fashion trend. 

However, not every clothing item holds value. It’s important to do your research to ensure you can get your money back if you want to sell a piece in a few years’ time. Double check eBay, Vinted, and Depop to see how much the item sells for secondhand, and opt for timeless styles that won’t look dated after a while. 

In this post, we offer a few ideas for fashion items that will hold their value. 

Shoes and trainers

When it comes to footwear, limited edition trainers and vintage shoes can be surprisingly valuable. Collectors and fashion enthusiasts often seek out rare or discontinued models, driving up their market value. Brands like Adidas and Nike release limited edition trainers that can become highly sought after. Similarly, classic designs that are no longer in production can become valuable over time, especially if they’re in good condition.


The world of luxury watches is renowned for its investment potential. Brands like Rolex and Omega are prime examples of watches that not only retain their value but often appreciate over time. These timepieces are works of art and engineering. The craftsmanship and prestige associated with these brands make them coveted items, with certain models becoming collector’s items and getting high prices on the luxury watch second-hand market.


When it comes to luxury handbags, few can rival the status of the Hermès Birkin. These handbags are symbols of luxury and exclusivity. The demand for Birkins often outstrips supply, leading to them retaining and sometimes exceeding their original purchase price. Other brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton also produce handbags that maintain their value over time, especially limited editions or classic designs.


High-end branded jewellery is another area where fashion meets investment. Pieces from brands like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, and Bulgari are not just beautiful; they are also likely to retain their value. The quality of materials, the brand’s reputation, and the timeless designs contribute to their lasting worth. Certain pieces can become more valuable over time, especially if they are part of a limited edition or have historical significance.

For fashionistas, understanding the investment potential of certain items can add an exciting dimension to their purchases. Shoes, watches, handbags, and jewellery from revered brands are not just about the immediate pleasure of owning and wearing them; they are also about the potential long-term financial benefits.

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