Just in case anyone was in any doubt, what we are seeing now with the media-all the mainstream media/commentariat-is what the great Noam Chomsky refers to as ‘Manufacturing Consent’ (please do watch the short video).

In this case it is specific to trying to alienate Labour party members from Jeremy Corbyn in order to try and bring him, and us, down.

We hope to go into more detail with an article soon. But, specific to Corbyn himself the Czech Spy/Russian Stooge/that he is anti-Semitic/Brexit/pro-terrorism/anti the West/unpatriotic/anti-feminist (re the discussions around gender identity)/pro-violence/pro-murder etc are ALL, we repeat, ALL an attempt to separate voters/Labour members/supporters from Corbyn. We are NOT saying that those issues are manufactured, we are saying, specific to Corbyn, the framing is manufactured.

This, of course, is because he is a threat to the establishment/elites and the tax havens of those in the establishment/elite who often own that media. Or they are just angry Centrists (arguably Centre-Right) who have a platform WWWAAAYYY above their level of *actual* political support. Even ‘right-on’, supposedly liberal media/commentariat like, for example, James O’Brien on LBC-or, as someone brilliantly described him, “The Centrist Dad’s Alan Partridge”, form part of this mob.

This tactic can ONLY work if we buy it. Which, we don’t, because the evidence literally states the opposite. So, please stay strong, please stay informed and please remember why the Labour mantra is “For The Many, Not The Few”. This is the haters running out of ideas…

Adam Samuels

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