Formal complaints of antisemitism have been lodged against six Labour MPs, including Ed Miliband, Wes Streeting, and party leader Keir Starmer, with both the party itself and the Equalities & Human Rights Commission. We believe it to be the second such allegation including Starmer since his sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey last week.

The complainant wishes to remain anonymous, but has sent us the text of the complaint, which they say others are welcome to use if wishing to lodge their own complaint. It reads as follows:

“To whom it may concern. I would like to lodge a formal complaint concerning antisemitism in the Labour Party: against Ed Miliband the former party leader, Margaret Hodge the Labour MP For Barking, Nia Griffith the Shadow Welsh Secretary, Stella Creasy the Labour MP for Walthamstow, Wes Streeting the Labour MP for Ilford North, and finally Keir Starmer The Labour Party leader.

Miliband, in a recent interview with Andrew Marr, which was in regard to the dismissal of former Shadow Education Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey, stated. “It was a false criticism of the state of Israel”. “The problem is that over the centuries when calamitous things have happened Jews have been blamed. And that’s why there was an antisemitism issue in relation to this”. Ed Miliband has conflated the state of Israel with Jewish people collectively. This is a clear breach of the final example of antisemitism in the IHRA definition of antisemitism: Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.

The Jewish population in Israel is 74.2%. The Christian population of the United States is 73.7%. A criticism of the United States, true or false, would never be seen as racism, or hatred of Christians collectively. The state of Israel and Jews are two different entities. Yet Ed Miliband has conflated the Jewish community with Israel. This is a clear case of antisemitism under the IHRA definition.

Margaret Hodge recently retweeted and therefore endorsed Jonathan Freedland of the Guardians comment regarding his recent article. “Rebecca Long-Bailey, Maxine Peake and the age-old need to find a culprit for all the world’s ills”. Again, by associating the situation in regard to Long-Bailey with blaming Jews, this conflates the state of Israel with Jewish people collectively, therefore Hodge has endorsed an antisemitic statement.

Nia Griffith in a recent interview with the BBC claimed “When people start making blanket assumptions or blanket criticisms that is very often the basis of antisemitism or racism”. Griffith has conflated the state of Israel with Jewish people collectively as she has equated a criticism of Israel with antisemitism. Again this is a clear breach of the final example from the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.

Stella Creasy in a recent tweet described Maxine Peake’s article as “Casual Antisemitism”. As previously stated, the comment in question refers to the state of Israel and not Jews collectively… Once more by equating the two this is a clear breach of the final example of IHRA definition.

Wes Streeting recently retweeted and therefore endorsed a comment by David Schneider: “Such a relief to have a Labour Party that both understands what antisemitism is and is determined to root it out”. For it to be antisemitism Jews and Israel would have to be the same entity. Again this conflation is another breach of the IHRA definition.

Finally I would like to lodge a complaint against Keir Starmer the Labour Party leader . By describing the article shared by Long-Bailey as “an antisemitic Semitic conspiracy theory”.

By equating a comment about the Israeli state with antisemitism, Starmer has conflated Israel with Jewish people collectively, in clear breach of this example in the IHRA working definition which has been fully accepted by the Labour Party”

Complaints to the Labour Party can be lodged here and information about the EHRC investigation here.

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  1. I am horrified by this new Labour leader who has not got any labour values. Instead of working to alleviate poverty he is endorsing big business rather than working with the trade unions to improve people’s lives. He doesn’t want equality and though he talks about unity it is rubbish as he has sacked several Labour MPs from the shadow cabinet on the pretext of anti semetism. These MPs are not anti semetic. The Jewish members of the Labour party do not believe them to be anti semetic and if he is so concerned about anti semetism why is Rachel Reeves a know of the Nazi sympathiser in the shadow cabinet? Plus he is a Blairite which is good reason not vote for him and in addition he writes for the daily mail which in also worrying. All in all he is not labour and if he is not removed there will be no labour party left.

    • You fail to understand what Anti-Semitism is. You can not talk for Jews in the Labour Party and have no authority to say that Jews in the Party do not see them as Anti-Semitic.
      Your interpretation of Labour seems to be Corbynesque in the extreme – in other words something that the general public dismissed as unelectable a few months back.
      Your comments are nonsensical

      • True, there will be as many opinions as there are Labour Party Jews. But I believe the point being made is that there are most certainly many Jews in the party who do not think the tweet was AS. Even Jon Lansman agreed it wasn’t.
        The electorate did not vote in sufficient numbers for JC but we would undoubtedly won in 2017 if it wasn’t for the traitorous McNicholl or his cronies and last year if the monstrous colluding MSM had displayed an ounce of realism and written decent truthful commentary.
        Now we find that Johnson is asset stripping the Manifesto we all worked so hard to get across. FFS

      • It is loughable to suggest that the yardstick for any principle is decided by popular vote. And for that matter, it is the role of a political party to stand and fight for their principles and programme and not trailing behind them. A working class political party listens to, as well as advises, the electorate. If a majority in a constituency supports racism or colonial jingoism, it is the task of a working class party to advise them that it is not acceptable to the party.

  2. These accusations are a deliberate attempt to diminish the caustic pandemic of antisemitic racism causing through the veins of the extreme left of Corbyn’s Labour Party.
    As a Jew, I find nothing funny about racism against Jews, people of colour, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs or any other minority.
    The trivialization of racism is a sick indictment of whoever made the complaint and their interpretation of Socialism which seems to me to be more and more akin to National Socialism than those of the Labour Party whom they bring to shame with every utterance.

      • The discussion at hand is the trivialization of racism by extremist left-wing racists. The 4 people complained about by this joke complaint are 4 people who have stood up to the new National Socialists. Anyone claiming Corbyn and his cronies are anti-racist forget that they have spent the past years using the same language about Israel as has been used to Insult and cower Jews for centuries.
        If you are non-Jewish, you have no dam right to tell a Jew what is offensive, They have suffered enough racism in their time to know

        Corbyn and his cronies brought shame to the Labour Party and suffered the ridicule of losing an election by 80plus seats as a consequence

        Anyone still defending his record is frankly imbecilic

    • You can’t even go one second without making a racially divisive comment. Look in the mirrir- you will see a racist staring back.

      I assume you are one of the members of the new National Socialists.

  3. “These accusations are a deliberate attempt to diminish the caustic pandemic of antisemitic racism causing through the veins of the extreme left of Corbyn’s Labour Party.”

    On the contrary, it’s unarguably true that the conflation of Jewishness with Israel is – per the IHRA definition – antisemitic, and for very obvious reasons. I’m sorry that you ( – ?) or anybody is forced to live alongside racists and racism – overt, covert, systemic or in any manifestation. I recognise that antisemitism (conscious and – especially insidiously – unconscious) exists on the left as it does in all parts of society.

    However, the allegation that left-wingers, critics of Israel or supporters of Corbyn are disproportionately antisemitic is an absolute – complete, utter and total – smear, of a most obvious and contrived kind. That has been borne out by the leaked Labour report which showed that on the contrary, right wingers within the party machine were deliberately slowing down investigations and expulsions of antisemites precisely to damage and undermine Corbyn and the left membership. Corbyn was pressing for a faster process, very keen as he was to restore the faith of Jewish Labour members.

    He is a lifelong anti-racist. He is obviously – from word and deed and friendships over years – not in the slightest bit antisemitic. And this politically contrived character assassination is one of the most cynical and destructive political maneuvers I’ve witnessed.

    Perhaps the deepest irony is that it was itself a grossly antisemitic operation, weaponising the concept for political ends and thereby diluting the efficacy of antisemitism as a descriptor. Already it is making real antisemitism harder to confront, and will undoubtedly bring harm to the Jewish community at large.

    Shame on all those bad faith actors. Shame, shame, shame.