During my many hours wasted on social media, I often see right thinking, supposedly sane people, posting poor propaganda on battery/hydrogen. 

According to Google I’m a world leading EV writer. Where someone who dribbles on making racist comments about immigrants on barges and reading the S*n / watching Gbeebies will never be converted, here are some facts for my fellow woke weirdoes to share. 

Battery vs Fossil Fuel Transportation

In the lifetime of an EV vs a fossil fuelled vehicle, the fossil fuelled vehicle will consume 300-400 times the amount of mined products of the EV. Current recycling regulations in the EU mean that from every EV, just 30kg of material will be lost. Battery electric HGVs would save 63% CO2e over diesel from lifecycle emissions 96% of hydrogen produced worldwide is ‘grey hydrogen’ from methane.

Even with green hydrogen (electrolysed from water using renewable energy) in the current mix, the International Council for Clean Transportation estimates that hydrogen powered HGVs would save as little as 15% carbon emissions over diesel. ‘Green’ hydrogen production captures around 50% of the energy used to produce it, whereas batteries in newer electric cars capture 85%.

Where battery electric vehicles emit their carbon during production (Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory uses natural gas as power, for example), fossil fuelled vehicles emit most of their garbage into the atmosphere as you drive them.

Transport Energy Model

In 2018 the UK government published a report on transport energy. It stated, “Using a 2017 electricity grid emissions factor, a battery electric car is estimated to emit 73 gCO2e/km (a reduction of 66% relative to standard petrol). Emissions are expected to fall to near zero over the period to 2050 as the electricity grid decarbonises in line with Government projections.”  

No Perfect Answer

How much of a lifestyle change will you be willing to make to save the planet? Cut your foreign holidays by 100%? Stop buying a new iPhone every year?

The perfect environmentalist is one who lives off-grid and farms for subsistence. The sort of ‘dirty hippy’ that is frowned upon by so many. Before we cast stones at new technologies, we need to think about just how much of a difference we are making ourselves?

For my part, I drive a self-charging hybrid car, and my home’s solar panels produce as much electricity as I use from the grid every year. I’m no paragon of virtue, though I like to think my writing/campaign work make some difference. I’m rubbish at gardening or anything involving manual work (which is why I’ve found my match in a beautiful woman who’s amazing with her hands). 

Perhaps if everyone took steps to reduce their transport emissions by 63%, then we would be on our way to achieving a more stable climate? Just a thought!

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