Pedestrians along Weymouth Esplanade were today met with the sight of a huge blue van with “What’s Next?” written on the side along with boards asking “Are you waiting for something to change?” and “We’ve got a plan… got 5 min to talk?”.

On Monday and Tuesday this week Weymouth residents are joining a group of young people on a ‘Freedom Tour’- on Monday they will be on the Esplanade and Tuesday in the Town Centre. The two days culminate in a ‘Crisis Talk’ on Weymouth Beach at 6pm Tue 10 Aug where local community groups will join them to speak about issues in Weymouth. Everyone is welcome to attend this event- there will be free food, music and the opportunity to chat about what we can do to build a sense of power to shape the world around us.

The Freedom Tour is a Summer campaign travelling through the UK, aiming to connect with local communities to discuss how to achieve a democratic, ecological and sane society. The group of young people achieve this through street canvassing and hosting “Crisis Talk” community events.

They are asking people “wondering what’s next after this crazy year and how we can pull back from our current crises as a community?”Jess Causby, 25, from the Freedom Tour said “It’s the same story in all of the towns and cities which we’ve visited across this country. People are fed up with the current political system, no trust in the people who are making decisions, and there’s a deep desire for things to change.

Roman Paluch, 28 added “Having been on the freedom tour for 8 weeks, I have heard from and listened to regular people throughout the UK, has been an incredibly powerful experience. It has been moving to hear what people are going through in these difficult times. I’m terrified about the future, but the more I speak to people, the more faith I have that we can turn things around if we get organised in our communities – outside of the broken political system. Expectations have been set too low for too long. People do not believe in themselves or in others. We’re trapped inside small ideas of what it’s possible. It’s time that changes.”

That’s why the team have undertaken this project- to reach out and connect with as many people as possible around the country. To imagine a better future together.

The Freedom Tour team say that now more than ever we need to come together. They are asking Weymouth to “bring your neighbours, your friends – bring someone who wouldn’t usually come to a community event!” 

  • The Freedom Tour will be on Weymouth Esplanade TODAY (Mon 9 Aug)
  • Weymouth Town Centre TOMORROW (Tue 10 Aug)
  • Join the Crisis Talk on Weymouth beach TOMORROW (Tue 10 Aug, 6pm)


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