Eight years ago, Nigel Farage was exposed as a racist fascist

and since then, nothing has changed. His vile history becomes more and more vile the more one investigates.

He is obviously a very nasty person, as his biography reveals:

1. Expenses Scandal

Farage faced scrutiny over his use of EU funds. In 2014, it was revealed that he had received £15,500 for a London office that was allegedly not used for EU-related work. Additionally, questions were raised about his use of allowances and funds for personal expenses.

2. Comments on Migrants and Refugees

Farage has been criticised for his remarks about migrants and refugees. Notably, during the Brexit referendum campaign, UKIP unveiled a poster featuring a long queue of refugees with the caption “Breaking Point: the EU has failed us all.” This was widely condemned as inflammatory and accused of stoking xenophobia.

3. Relationship with Donald Trump

Farage has been a vocal supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, appearing at his rallies and even endorsing him during the 2020 election. This association has drawn criticism from those who oppose Trump’s policies and rhetoric.

4. Russian Connections

There have been allegations and investigations into Farage’s connections with Russian individuals and interests. While no direct wrongdoing has been proven, his meetings with the Russian ambassador and other figures raised suspicions about his political alliances and influences.

5. Comments on Public Figures and Politicians

Farage has made several controversial remarks about other politicians and public figures. For instance, he described former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt as having the “charisma of a damp rag” and the “appearance of a low-grade bank clerk.” Such comments have been viewed as undiplomatic and unprofessional.

6. Health Claims and COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Farage’s public comments and scepticism about lockdown measures drew criticism. His views were seen by some as undermining public health efforts to control the virus.

7. Misuse of Data

Farage has been accused of misusing or misrepresenting data to support his political arguments, particularly during the Brexit campaign. This includes claims about the financial benefits of leaving the EU, which were later challenged by fact-checkers.

8. Accusations of Racism and Islamophobia

Farage’s comments on immigration and his criticism of Islam have led to accusations of racism and Islamophobia. He has often been accused of using divisive language that targets ethnic and religious minorities.

9. Financial Mismanagement Allegations

Allegations have surfaced regarding financial mismanagement within UKIP under Farage’s leadership. Questions were raised about how party funds were used and whether there was appropriate oversight.

10. Brexit Party Finances

The finances of the Brexit Party have also come under scrutiny, particularly regarding donations and their sources. Concerns have been raised about transparency and compliance with electoral regulations.

11. Public Stunts and Behaviour

Farage’s public stunts, such as posing with a milkshake after being doused with one during a campaign event, and his often confrontational behaviour, have polarised public opinion. While some see him as a charismatic leader, others view his actions as attention-seeking and unprofessional.

Nigel Farage remains a divisive figure in British politics, with supporters praising his role in leading the Brexit movement and critics condemning his methods and rhetoric.

And yet the establishment news channels cannot get enough of him.

We are exposed by the corporate media to the most toxic and vile people. Have you ever asked yourself why? It is not to make us aware of them; it is to divide us and poison our minds.

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