@GnasherJew: The anti Corbyn bot that just keeps on hating

Social media has its villains. Some rude, some obnoxious, some bigoted. Then there are those who also have a clear agenda. To destabilise those who seek to stand up to those who defend the oppressed and persecuted. To assume any attack on the bully deserves a hate fuelled response. Over to @GnasherJew the vilest of the vile.



The irony of course is that the current General Secretary of the Labour Party has been more active fighting anti semitism that any other. Ultimately this means that it is not anti semitism that is the issue but the threat the current Labour leadership are to the tyranny of Israeli policies especially against the Palestinians. With the likes of Trump and senior Tories all supporting genocides in Yemen and the indiscriminate murders in Palestine… people who shout ‘no’ have to be undermined and ridiculed to prevent the electorate choosing decency over tyranny.

Thank goodness though for the thousands who stand up to this fascist and his disciples. They hate being compared to Nazis and yet they continue with the behaviour that leads to those direct comparisons.

The campaign against these nasty bots only grows exponentially the more they grunt and growl. They think they are winning whilst the army of the decent surrounds them.

Just block them and leave them to their theatre of hate.

Douglas James