As the inevitable hysteria & false-flag-flying continues re the Iran ‘situation’, just a reminder… Jeremy Corbyn was correct about Iraq X2, Syria X3/4 (depending on your take), Afghanistan, Libya, not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980s when we did etc etc. He was derided and abused for being on the correct side of history on all those occasions. A lot of those doing the deriding again now were wrong about those things. Very wrong. The consequences of them being very wrong meant millions of people dying unnecessarily.

So, is it that controversial for Corbyn to ask for evidence and fact-based decision making, and that to be seen as pro-Iran, anti-UK, anti-USA etc? This says everything about those saying that it is controversial to ask, and simply re-emphasises why we desperately need Corbyn as Prime Minister ASAP. Asking for evidence and then basing massive life & death decisions on that IS being patriotic. Not asking questions, blindly following the very same people who have been consistently wrong before, is the opposite of patriotism. However they may try and spin it.

Just to show how absurd it is to suggest how “pro-Iran” (in the sense being insinuated) Corbyn is, please see the attached meme…

Adam Samuels

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