Has Sadie been ‘politically abducted’?

Sadie Love released following successful campaign:


Sadie Love, who featured in #MSM only yesterday, gave her reasons for defending against the #Frackers Cuadrilla UK. She was clear & articulate. She said she was locked onto a tube of concrete inside tyres because she wanted local parents to feel that their kids are safe in Lancashire.

Today Sadie has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act by police & coerced doctors.
We see this as a political ABDUCTION.

Help us to raise awareness that activists are being treated as if they are mentally ill simply because they cannot accept a government decision to over-rule a local democratic decision.

UPDATE: Friends have visited and has been force medicated already. She is held under Section 2 for 28 days.#FreeSadie


Frances Leader

From Kitty Jones: Exponential rise in ‘detention without trial’.

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