Has the Prime Minister just taken the Brexit nuclear option?

Boris Johnson has refused to sign the Brexit extension request and instead sends a photocopy of MPs’ demands, with cover note through diplomat saying:

‘This is not Boris’ letter, it’s Parliament’s”. Also writes own letter asking EU not to extend.

As of now we have a Prime Minister who has wilfully broken Her Majesties Law.

This is about to go nuclear.

Johnson finally exposes his hand

He has sent the attached to Donald Tusk and has requested an “Emergency Meeting” of the EU in “””9 DAYS TIME””” to discuss the current state of play. That will be on 28th Oct, four days before his intended crash out on the 31st!

He has just sent this to EU leaders, which confirms that he does not want the Brexit delay Parliament voted for. He is using the clock to confound the Law.

Gerry Flynn