Health & Fitness Tip: Are you someone who relaxes with a drink at night?

A large percentage of the population unwind after a hard day at work buy grabbing a glass of wine or a beer. Not only is this bad for your health as the government make us fully aware, but have you though of the amount of calories your consuming?

1 (small) glass of wine is around 130 calories, over a year = 47,450 calories! That equals 13.5lbs of body fat!! So just by cutting this out, you could lose a stone in a year with no effort! 1 can of beer is around 182 calories a can. is a whopping 66,430 calories. Which adds up to 1 stone 5 pounds of fat!!

So if your struggling with your weight, by jut cutting out a single glass of alcohol, you can lose weight without breaking sweat! 😀

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