Here’s Tony

So, Tony Blair feels the need to publicly condemn his party again in an interview with what seemed like his best mate, Nick Robinson from the BBC. Blair has just met up with Italy’s far right leader, saying how good it was, while discussing gas pipelines on behalf of, and the payroll of, the man who tortures people (often for us and the USA) in Azerbaijan. Having already admitted to receiving funding from Saudi Arabia’s torturing and murdering regime.

That he is allowed this platform to state that people don’t want what Labour is offering, despite the General Election Result last year, and, for years now, polling consistently showing significant majority support for the policies we now have under Corbyn, unchallenged, says everything we need to know about the current BBC and Blair himself. A reminder to Mr. Blair that he polls at less than 15%. A reminder that, literally, his brand of politics polls at 6%. A reminder that a Centrist party already exists-the Lib Dems. They poll badly, too.

THIS. IS. NOT. 1997!!!!!! WAKE. UP!!!!!!

I genuinely do not know how you can be more deluded. I mean, really. This is getting silly now. The MSM and these ‘centrists’ are, literally, talking to themselves and about 6% of the population-yet receiving the coverage and platform of a party like, say, LABOUR, that is at around 40%+. Again, this tells us everything we need to know about them. Even losing over 800,000 listeners in just one year has not affected the propaganda and output from Radio 4’s Today programme.

THANKFULLY, the world has very much changed. THANKFULLY, people are no longer willing to take moral, political, social & ethical advice from a person amongst the least qualified alive to do so.

As I consistently say, the dinosaurs are always the last to see the meteor coming…

Adam Samuels