Before we get on to George Galloway’s expose of NATO in the Balkans and how they are effectively ganglords for the Amercican empire let us pause and remember how the left have warned the public time and time again about a whole range of issues that empirically have come to fruition.

Here are but ten examples:

  1. Climate change: The left has been advocating for action to address climate change for decades, highlighting the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and adopting sustainable practices.
  2. Inequality and wealth distribution: Left-wing ideologies often emphasize the need for progressive taxation, social welfare programs, and wealth redistribution to address income inequality and ensure a more equitable society.
  3. Healthcare: Many left-wing proponents have argued for universal healthcare systems, emphasising the importance of access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare as a fundamental right.
  4. Workers’ rights: The left has advocated for policies such as increasing the minimum wage, protecting workers’ rights to organize and unionize, and ensuring safe working conditions.
  5. LGBTQ+ rights: The left has championed equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, including legal recognition of same-sex marriage, protection against discrimination, and transgender rights.
  6. Racial justice: Left-wing movements have been at the forefront of advocating for racial equality, challenging systemic racism, promoting affirmative action, and demanding criminal justice reform.
  7. Gender equality: The left has been instrumental in advancing women’s rights, advocating for equal pay, reproductive rights, and policies promoting gender equity and representation in various sectors.
  8. Immigration and refugee rights: Left-wing perspectives often support more inclusive and compassionate immigration policies, focusing on protecting the rights and dignity of immigrants and refugees.
  9. Education and access: The left has emphasised the importance of affordable and accessible education for all, advocating for increased funding for public schools and universities, as well as policies to address educational disparities.
  10. Campaign finance reform: Left-wing movements have highlighted the influence of money in politics, calling for stricter campaign finance regulations and transparency to reduce the power of corporate interests.

And yet time and time again many voters are persuaded to vote against their interests for false promises and out right lies by those on the right wing. History also reveals that no matter how many facts are presented by left wing thinkers and academics, the corporate media and the stooges on the right strangle and mutate the facts in to some sort of crass ghoul that many just cannot resist.

And another warning comes from another much pilloried but very often accurate Mr George Galloway.

NATO is not a liberating force for good but a bunch of powerful ganglords intent on preserving their own hegemony by any means possible.

Don’t die of ignorance!

Douglas James

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