Following a number of cases of Hope Not Hate getting it badly wrong and continuing to churn out propaganda they appear reluctant to learn their lesson.

In 2017 they were accused of being state propagandists:

Failing to understand hate, Hope not Hate becomes platform for Home Office propaganda

During the time of Jeremy Corbyn they were accused of ‘disgusting, baseless smears’:

Why did Hope Not Hate contribute to the smear campaign against Corbyn?

David Rosenberg’s Open Letter to Hope Not Hate against the Anti-Semitism Smear

Why does Hope not Hate endorse a racist ex-Prime Minister whose slogan was the BNP’s ‘British Jobs for British Workers’?

A crowdfunder was set up to challenge them on their:

‘…ruining of peoples lives with smears and lies for years. Its time to shine the light back on them.’

And yet they continue:

Chris Williamson, rightly aggrieved at yet another attempt by a once respected organisation to join a misinformed gravy train, has hit back:

This partisan statement from Hope not Hate (HnH) is utterly disgusting, but par for the course from this disreputable body.

It is supposed to campaign against extremism, yet it turns a blind eye to Zionist extremism. If this shady organisation was genuine about opposing hate, it would be campaigning against Zionism, which is a racist settler colonial ideology. An ideology that is responsible for war crimes and attempted genocide against the Palestinian people.

So why exactly is HnH silent about Zionist hatred against the Palestinians and why isn’t it trying to give hope to the Palestinian people?

HnH is basically a smear machine. Its latest attacks on Joe Solo and me have plumbed new depths. Joe was instrumental in establishing the ‘We Shall Overcome’ initiative in 2015, which brought musicians together to give hope to disadvantaged communities and raise money to help others. Yet Joe is now being smeared.

‘Its name ‘Hope not Hate’ is a misnomer, rather like the ‘Ministry of Love’ in George Orwell’s dystopian ‘Nineteen Eighty-four’.’

But despite HnH’s best endeavours, we’re still standing. No matter what dirty tricks these smear merchants and apartheid apologists get up to, we will ultimately prevail, and Palestine WILL be free from the river to the sea.

Perhaps Hope not Hate would like a more balanced analysis of their chosen position before fulfilling the Orwellian slogan yet more closely:

The big question is why have they sacrificed a large support base across the liberal left and beyond in preference for a partisan and ill informed position that now makes them the target of widespread derision? Why did they not just stick to making objective content instead of becoming partisan, subjective and partial?

There is a campaign for a name change to ‘Too Little Hope, Too Much Hate’ as this would appear to be a much more appropriate moniker than the current.

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