Hospital Trust Spin and Censorship Of Jeremy Hunt Visit

If ever there was a classic example of them against us it is this visit by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to a Bristol hospital. Very few of the staff were made aware of the visit yet the Trust spun it in very positive terms on social media. However, when the staff expressed what they actually thought on Facebook it became embarrassing for the Trust and the post was taken down.

Inviting the staff to express their experiences and perspectives was avoided and the whole visit was spun. Thankfully the Bristol Post outed the incident and the behaviour of senior managers. Without the actions of this type of journalism many would continue to believe the lies that the Tory policies are popular amongst the public when in fact they are no where near. If we all share our experiences across social media and inter personally then many more will realise they are being taken for a ride by the abusers of power.

Douglas James