Green and sustainable practices are becoming more and more common in just about every industry and the UK’s $239 billion construction sector is no exception. 

Many of the sustainable changes within this sector come in conjunction with the government’s goal of being carbon net zero by 2050. They’re challenging themselves, businesses and individuals to play their part in fighting the climate crisis, so we can preserve the earth for generations to come. 

If your construction niche is residential and you’re looking for ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into your work, you’ll be pleased to know there are a wealth of ways to do so. What’s more, many of these methods can enhance the quality of your work too, ensuring homeowners and stakeholders are happier. 

Continue reading our guide below to see where you can make positive, sustainable changes within your business and become a green one that helps fight climate change. 

Why is it important to run an eco-friendly business? 

For some, you may be wondering why becoming a greener business is so important and there are actually several benefits to doing so. This includes:

• You can save money on energy and waste disposal 

• Your brand reputation will improve 

• You’ll comply with environmental regulations 

• You can attract great employees who hold sustainability close to their heart

• You may be given tax breaks and extra incentives by the government

• You can develop a more ethical supply chain 

• You’ll be future-proofing your business for when stricter regulations come in

How can I make sure my residential construction work is eco-friendly? 

To ensure you’re operating sustainably and reap the rewards mentioned above, incorporate the following into your work: 

Preserve green spaces

If you’re building homes in an area that has plenty of greenery, make sure the plans account for it. Try not to remove too many of the green spaces, as this could disturb local wildlife and reduce the overall aesthetic of the area. 

Use sustainable materials

Make sure the materials you use are renewable or ethically sourced. This can help reduce the overall carbon footprint of each home, which we’re confident prospective homebuyers will like the sound of. 

Materials like OSB are a great choice for eco-friendly construction and can be picked up from reputable suppliers easily.

Reduce noise pollution

Construction noise can disturb people and animals in the area. It’s typically caused by heavy-duty machinery, so using quieter tools can help with this. 

You should avoid working outside of a regular nine-to-five schedule too, as this is a time for relaxation for those nearby.

Try modular construction

Modular homes are another type of product that you could introduce to your offering. These buildings minimise waste and are known for being super energy efficient. 

They can be built much quicker than regular buildings, keeping energy usage and extended periods of noise disturbance to a minimum. 

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