National Kitten Day falls onto Wednesday 10th of July this year. This day is dedicated to celebrating the charm and playfulness of kittens and a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the joy and companionship that kittens bring into their owner’s lives.

Welcoming a new cat into a home is both exciting and challenging. Preparing to welcome a kitten involves creating a safe and cosy space with essential supplies like food, litter box, and toys. It’s crucial to kitten-proof one’s home, schedule a vet visit, and consider kitten insurance. It is important that the owners educate themselves about kitten care, which will ensure a smooth transition and guarantees the kitten will feel safe and loved.

“Whether you are an experienced cat owner or a first-time feline caretaker, welcoming a new kitten to your home can be thrilling, yet stressful” says Simon Bennett, Managing Director at petGuard.

To celebrate National Kitten Day, leading pet insurer petGuard created a guide to help future kitten owners prepare for the arrival of their new feline companion:

Kitten food

Kittens need special food to help support their growth. A kitten’s weight can double when they are only a few weeks old. Owners can choose whether they will feed their kitten a diet of wet or dry food.

Young kittens often have a lot more energy than an adult cat, so they need plenty of nutritious food to help them grow. For the first 4 – 8 weeks of a young kitten’s life, they should be allowed to feed whenever they are hungry as part of the weaning process. It is recommended for owners to introduce mealtimes later on, which will help to get their cat into a routine.


Cats are very playful and are always looking for entertainment, so they should be kept occupied with plenty of toys. Soft, plush toys are a big hit with young kittens, but it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money. Homemade toys, such as balls of paper and cardboard boxes, can keep a kitten entertained for hours.

Kitten bed

Kittens love to laze around in the warmth, newborn kittens can sleep up to 90% of their day. It is important to provide them with a nice, comfortable bed and a quiet, cosy place to rest, along with plenty of blankets to snuggle up with.

Vet registration

It’s essential to get a new kitten registered with a local vet. Once registered, the cat can be taken in for its first check-up.

“It’s crucial to have a plan in place in case your kitten gets injured. Kitten insurance can help you with the cost of annual vet fees if your kitten has an accident or falls ill” adds Bennett.

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